Top 10 Foods To Increase Male Fertility


Changes in eating habits can help men have more and better sperm. Today, we show men the top ten foods to increase male fertility and sperm by Food is a natural treatment that works faster than medical drugs.

Causes of infertility in men

Infertility is usually caused by not having enough animals inside the semen or the sperm not doing their job correctly. Still, it can also be by other things, like the following:

  • Blockages make it hard for sperm to get in and make it hard for semen fluid to flow.
  • So you have varicose veins in the testicle area, torsion there, or an undescended testicle. These things make it hard to keep the temperature in the testicle under control. And they also affect how many animals there are.
  • People eat a lot of fried and fast food from restaurants full of nasty things. It Cuts down on the number and quality of animals they produce.
  • Many long-term or immune-related illnesses, like gonorrhea or HIV, genetic defects in chromosomes, like Kallmann syndrome, can make people sick.
  • In addition, Men are at risk of chemical poisoning due to situations where pesticides, metal dust, or paint fumes are present.

Foods to increase male fertility

Infertile people can eat these foods to help with things like infertility, swelling next to the testicle, or problems with intimacy, erection, or the prostate:

10: Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

The dark quality has a lot of cocoa, between 70% and 80%. And it also has a lot of healthy fats and antioxidant nutrients. About 100 grams of this kind of food has about 5 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, zinc, and iron.

So these nutrients boost male fertility by improving a man’s ability to complete. And enjoy a relationship and increase the testicles to release large amounts of sperm.

9: Pomegranate


According to research, people who eat pomegranates are more efficient and have better sperm. So It has antioxidants that make the erection more vigorous, lessen the chance of getting a testicular infection, and make you want to start a relationship. These antioxidants also protect the weak acids in the sperm, making them better.

It also increases the production of sperm from the testicles in enough quantity for childbirth. So it’s essential to eat pomegranate seeds and drink its juice for at least seven weeks.

8: Calf liver

Calf liver

The liver is one of the top Foods to increase male fertility that can help men become more fertile because it has a lot of vitamin D and protein.

It gives the man the power and efficiency he needs to have a good erection and have sex. In nature, it is one of the things that helps your blood flow and how strong it is when it gets to your reproductive system.

It also raises testosterone levels. The male hormone that makes the testicles work to make more good animals that get in the way of semen.

It also improves the immune system’s capacity to fight infections. Which, as previously said, are one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction and infertility.

7: Lentil

Lentil is one of the Foods that increase fertility in men

Lentil is one of the best foods that increase fertility in men. Anemia can cause a lack of blood flow to the reproductive system, harming sperm and fertility. Because lentils are high in iron, they help treat blood poverty.

Treating blood poverty improves sexual functions, such as solid erections, strong desire, and a good mood for a relationship.

It also has folate, which protects chromosomes from messing up. Progesterone and testosterone are two hormones linked to sexual life, but some proteins make them rise. Make lentil soup and drink more than 15 mg a day or a small plate.

For improved sex life, nutrition experts believe that substituting meat and animal proteins with vegetarian kinds like lentils is unavoidable.

6: Tomato

Tomato is one of the Foods that increase fertility in men

Tomato is one of the top foods for male fertility. The most fertile men eat two tablespoons of concentrated tomato puree daily as a natural food supplement.

The research found that tomatoes boost fertility by as much as 40%. It improves the quality and efficiency of sperm work and how the sperm moves and overlaps with the semen.

These studies found that tomatoes and concentrated puree have lycopene, which is good for you. So that’s why it’s one of the foods that make you more likely to have babies.

Lycopene is a potent antioxidant protecting sperm against infections and abnormalities impairing their speed, motility, or quality.

Lycopene also slows the growth of bad cholesterol, which damages the arteries and causes them to become blocked. Because it increases blood flow and movement in the body and the reproductive system, this is good for the body.

5: Honey


Honey was tested on mice to see whether it increased sperm production. And It showed that honey is one of the Foods to increase male fertility.

Honey is made up of the following: monosaccharides with more than 80% of them, glucose, fructose, and substances that fight bacteria with disinfectant properties.

It also consists of the following nutrients, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Which in turn raises the levels of physical strength and energy in men. Especially those who work in physically demanding fields.

It helps with fertility and sperm count if you eat it on an empty stomach every morning. Better than if you ate it when you were already full.

4: Spinach

Spinach is one of the Best food for male fertility

Because it is among the leaves rich in quercetin and folic acid, leafy vegetables in general, and spinach, in particular, impact animals and their health. And is one of the best food for male fertility.

Quercetin is an antioxidant compound that reduces the chances and effects of infections and inflammation in the body and testicles. It is also suitable for testicles.

Folic acid stimulates the testes to produce and secrete large numbers of animals. Enough to improve fertility and treat infertility.

3: Walnuts

Walnuts is one of the top Foods to increase male fertility

There are a lot of nuts that have a lot of zinc in them. But walnuts are the best because they make the body more globulin protein.

Globulin is a protein that binds to and affects the male hormone “testosterone,” which affects the quality and health of sperm and how many and how well they work.

Walnuts also have other things, like omega-3, folate, and selenium, which are the most important. When sperm grow and mature, it is one of the things that can change how quickly they do so. Mature sperm also helps to protect against free radical problems too.

It also has arginine, which helps people who have inadequate erections. It means there is less chance that the sperm will have chromosomal problems.

If you want to have the most fun with your partner, nuts are an excellent way to do it. So, it is essential to eat 60 grams of it every day.

2: Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits is one of the best Foods to increase male fertility

It doesn’t matter what kind of fruit it is: Lemon, grapefruit, orange, or tangerine all have a good amount of vitamin C in them.

Taking this vitamin causes the amount of semen to grow and the movement of animals inside it, which makes it more fertile,

1: Oily fish

Oily fish is one of the Foods to increase male fertility

According to the Food and Drug Administration, men should eat three meals of fatty fish each week. Tuna, salmon, and shellfish are among the top foods to increase male fertility.

Tuna helps the sperm come out and speeds up the movement of the semen and the direction of the semen with the sperm. It enables the blood flow to the penis, making it easier to get erections.

Fatty acids found in salmon help improve blood circulation and the health and quality of semen. It reduces the number of problems caused by impotence.

Oysters have a lot of zinc in them, which helps blood flow to the genitals and raises testosterone levels, so they’re suitable for men.

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