Top 10 Dates In Egypt

There are a lot of dates in Egypt and all over the world. Here are the top ten types of dates in Egypt by There are many types of dates that grow in Egypt. And the country makes 6 million tons of dates each year, which is about 18 percent of the world’s dates.

The benefits of dates

A healthy breakfast with seven dates can be a good choice for people who want to stay healthy. Dates have a lot of good things about them, like:

  • Dates are a good source of many minerals, especially iron. It is the best technique to get rid of anemia and chronic tiredness symptoms that come with it.
  • Dates are a good source of fiber, making you feel full and reducing hunger. It is an excellent alternative to fattening foods when you’re hungry in the evening.
  • Dates have a lot of potassium in them, which helps with pain. It helps to ease the pain in different parts of the body. And get rid of the problem of being tired all the time.
  • In addition, Dates protect the bones from being thin, breaking, and fragile and being a source of bone condensing elements such as copper and selenium.
  • Eating dates, especially at night, helps eliminate problems with the intestines, like gas. It’s because it has amino acids that kill harmful bacteria.
  • Dates are good for your heart because they have enough fiber to keep your cholesterol level in check. Thus, it lessens the chance that someone will have heart problems.
  • Dates have a lot of glucose, which helps strengthen the nerves in the brain. It serves as the nerves’ and brain’s primary energy source, boosting and rejuvenating the brain.
  • In addition, Dates contain both sulfur and magnesium. It has a group of antioxidants that help fight infections and get rid of them from the body.

Best Dates in Egypt

Dates are the primary fruit on the breakfast table during Ramadan. And there are many different types of dates that are different in size, taste, and color. They also have other content, effects, and benefits for the body.

10: Tamarind


It is covered in hard, brown skin and has an acidic taste and color. As soon as you peel a Dates, you mix the pulp with your hands to make black date blocks. And which help your body with these things:

Tamarind is good for you. Tamarind is a natural laxative because it is high in fiber. And because it is sticky, it helps to move the stool stuck in the digestive system out of the body.

Tamarind has a lot of vitamin C, which is good for your heart. Which fights and stops the formation and spread of free radicals, which can cause heart disease.

Anemia treatment: Tamarind has a lot of iron in it. And to the point where it helps the body make red blood cells to meet its needs.

The potassium in tamarind is enough to relieve stress. It is to the point where it controls the pressure and adjusts it to the right level.

Tamarind produces enzymes that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. It means there is less chance of having a high sugar level.

9: Ajwa Dates


It has a sweet taste and texture like raisins. It has a dark brown peel in both hard and soft forms. Ajwa’s Dates are good for you.

These dates protect the body from poisoning. Ajwa dates are boosting the body’s ability to fight infections and other diseases. So It is the source of a vast number of vitamins and antioxidants.

Research has shown that this type of Dates affects the body, similar to taking painkillers. In addition, as well antibiotics, there are also.

Ajwa dates help with childbirth. It stimulates the uterine muscles enough to allow the baby to be born without much pain or problems. So, the pregnant woman won’t have to have a cesarean section because she won’t be forced to do so.

Ajwa dates make the breasts produce milk, making the baby’s immune system better and his health better. Also, It is for persons who have a problem with being too skinny.

8: Wet Dates

Wet Dates is one of the best Dates in Egypt

Dates that have a lot of water and are sweet are the best types of dates in Egypt because they help the body with these things:

It’s good to eat wet dates. Treating constipation, it has a lot of fiber, which helps. It gets rid of food stuck in the intestines and makes your colon calmer and less likely to bloat.

Cholesterol Control, Dates have a lot of potassium in them. It helps the body control cholesterol to keep the heart from getting clots.

A hair treatment, Dates are a good source of elements and vitamins that keep the strands and ends of your hair moist. It also makes it less likely to fall out.

Dates are suitable for your skin because they have a lot of fiber and other things that make your skin healthy. It means that the risk of dehydration is less.

Allergy treatment, Dates have a lot of sulfur in them. As a result, allergies in the body are less likely to happen, and infections don’t occur.

7: Diabetes Dates

Diabetes Dates

It’s called “royal dates,” and it’s round, fragile, and covered with a wrinkled layer of golden brown. Diabetes dates help the body in the following ways:

Has fluorine that helps protect the teeth from decay, so it’s good for them. Then there is also phosphorous and calcium.

It makes the skin look brighter and keeps it from drying out. It also helps it stay hydrated.

Sweet dates have a lot of healthy fats, which lower bad cholesterol. And which causes the body to get rid of unhealthy levels of cholesterol.

Sugary dates have a lot of protein, which makes hair grow thicker. So that it doesn’t fall out or grow more quickly.

6: Safawi Dates

Safawi Dates one of the Dates ancient Egypt

It looks like dark cherry, has a crust that is hard to eat, and tastes like Ajwa dates. Having Safawi dates can help you in the following ways:

Calms the stomach and intestines to reduce constipation that lasts for a long time. Because of this, it has a lot of minerals in it.

It has a lot of minerals that help keep your gut healthy. And which makes it easier to deal with all kinds of problems.

Research has shown that eating this type of date right after waking up can help treat stomach infections. It is suitable for the stomach when it isn’t full of food.

Raising the hemoglobin level, Safawi dates help people who have a low hemoglobin level. It also protects them from fatigue and general weakness.

5: Vegetable Dates

Vegetable Dates one of the type of Dates

Soft, dark brown, with a delicious raisin-like flavor, people with diabetes can eat them. There are many good things about vegetable dates:

Vegetable dates have enough sugar for the body’s needs. It means that people who have diabetes can use it to cut their sugar intake.

Increasing breast milk: It has nutrients that help the body. It also makes the breast produce more milk, meeting the baby’s needs and nutrition.

In addition, It helps the body in general because it boosts its immune system and the functions of organs and systems. It also stimulates the blood flow and gives the body enough energy.

4: Sagai Dates

Sagai Dates one of the Egyptian dates

It is one of the top types of dates in Egypt, and it has a lot of fruit and grape sugar in it. It doesn’t have a lot of white sugar, which gives the body these benefits:

Sagai dates have healthy sugar levels and healthy fats, which can help you lose weight. These rates also lead to more muscle mass and weight gain.

A general feeling of being weak often accompanies the problem of being thin. Dates can also help vulnerable people and give them the energy they need.

People who have cancer in their abdomen use it as one of the natural products used to treat it.

Constipation treatment: Constipation is a long-term problem for people who have colon problems. It helps with the situation and softens the intestines when you eat these dates.

3: Zuhdi Dates

Zuhdi Dates are Dates from Egypt

It tastes like a walnut, has a golden-colored crust, and has a lot of fiber, which gives the body the following benefits:

Zuhdi dates help the natural process of excretion. You don’t have to worry about having too much stool in your intestine or having it come out of your body in soft and watery form.

Dates help with colon problems, like bloating and hemorrhoids: diverticular disease, tumors in the colon. And Controlling blood sugar levels, The soluble fiber in dates causes the body to absorb sugar slowly.

2: Anbara dates

Anbara dates is one of the top Dates in Egypt

It’s the most expensive of the top dates in Egypt, and it costs the most. It is a large fruit with a small kernel and a sweet taste that helps the body do the following:

When you eat Anbara dates on an empty stomach, your body gets rid of worms and other germs that can be harmful to your body. Also, it kills a group of worms that live in the stomach and intestines, and other bugs.

Liver cleansing involves eating it on seven dates every day for 30 days. The liver also eliminates many poisons from the body.

Diuresis: It’s thought to be a natural fruit that makes you urinate more often. Thus, the body gets rid of the fluids that have been stuck in it for a while.

1: Mabroom Dates


Its lengthy distinguishes it from other varieties, and it has several advantages, including the following:

Mabroom Dates have a lot of benefits. The bromine protects the heart from pathological damage, such as clots. It has a lot of minerals and has a lot of antioxidants in it naturally.

Mabroom helps the digestive system and stomach by giving them minerals and good bacteria. Then, they support and speed up the digestion process even more.

Make red blood cells grow, Supporting the growth of red blood cells. To make sure anemia doesn’t happen, it raises the hemoglobin rate.

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