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Top 10 Indian Movies Of All Time

Bollywood cinema has provided us with the most decisive action, drama, comedy, and romantic films worth watching. Bollywood cinema is no less critical than Hollywood cinema. Through our article today, In ListingBest.com, we will present an impressive list of the strongest and best 10 Indian Movies throughout history.

Top Indian Movies

If you are a lover of Bollywood films, you will like the selection on this list. The following is a list of the ten greatest Indian movies.

10: The Apu Trilogy (1959)

The Apu Trilogy

The World of Apu is an Indian epic movie, one of the greatest stories. Although it is an old movie, viewers still watch it repeatedly. This film is the third part of the Abu trilogy, which tells the story of a young man named Obo who, since his childhood, has wanted to become a writer in a beautiful dramatic framework and an inspiring story. The film won 5 awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film, and received three nominations.

9: Gol Maal (1979)


“Golmaal” is considered one of the finest classic comedy films ever made in India. A good movie around a lovely comedy framework, in which a young guy is obliged to lie to his employer to keep his job. Then this deception expands into a series of falsehoods as his boss becomes suspicious of his actions. The film received three awards and several nominations, including nods for Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director from the Filmfare Awards.

8: 96 movie (2018)

96 movie

According to critics, the film “96” is one of the finest romantic comedies of 2018 and one of the Top Indian Movies of all time. The film is about an ideological framework that focuses on Ramachandran, a nostalgic photographer for his childhood love, particularly after returning to his old school and reuniting with former classmates and teachers.

7: Manichitrathazhu (1993)


Manichitrathazhu is one of the best movies that mix comedy and horror fun. The movie is about a famous psychiatrist named “Sunny Joseph.” He lives in America, but after getting help from a friend, he decides to go home to India. They live in a wealthy and noble family where the spirit of a vengeful dancer shoots out into the air. The doctor is trying to help, and his friend is rich and dignified. The movie won five awards. Malayalam cinema earned the most money in 1993 and stayed in several areas and towns for almost a year.

6: Anbe Sivam (2003)

Anbe Sivam

Among the best Hindi movies on Netflix is “Anbe Sivam.” the film is about two very different men but very similar. One is an arrogant young advertising filmmaker who likes capitalism, and the other is a disabled, physically damaged communist. Due to the circumstances, they get to know each other better and talk about globalization, financial inequality, and compassion in India in a fantastic comedy-drama setting.

5: Nayakan (1987)


Many people believe “Nayakan” to be one of India’s finest films. The events of the series center on a young youngster (Ratnavelu) who witnesses his father being murdered in cold blood by a police officer. Out of vengeance, he murders the police officer and moves to Mumbai, eventually becoming the boss of a mafia group.

There were five accolades for the film, including three National Film Awards and two Cinema Express Awards. While regarded as one of the greatest Hindi films in a foreign language of 1988, the film is at the 60th Academy Awards. Still, it did not get a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film.

4: Kireedam (1989)


Kireedam is one of the best Indian movies. To save his father from a ruthless outlaw, a young man participates in a fight. His world has flipped upside down. The movie won one award. Kireedam is one of the best Bollywood movies of all time.

3: Pariyerum Perumal (2018)

Pariyerum Perumal

Pariyerum Perumal is one of the best Indian drama movies of all time. A middle-class law student and his female colleague from the upper-class fall in love. It causes significant problems in the family. The film won four Ananda Vikatan Film Awards and five nominations.

2: Natsamrat (2016)


Natsamrat has based on a play by the same author, “Kusumagraj.” The movie is about a great theater actor who has now retired. Still, he doesn’t forget the good times as an actor or theater. He also talks about the pain of having a family. He and his wife think that their children aren’t necessary. The film won two awards and had four nominations.

1: Care of Kancharapalem (2018)

Care of Kancharapalem

In our opinion, “Care of Kancharapalem” is one of the most beautiful romantic Indian drama films ever made, and it comes in first place in our list of the most excellent Hindi movie of all time. It centers on four love stories and an unorthodox marriage in the tiny village of Kancharapalim, and it examines how societal standards it has broken in the country as a result of these four couples.

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