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Top 10 Romantic Turkish Series Of All Time

Turkish series has become well-known in many nations throughout the globe, and There are several translations available as well. Because romantic Turkish series are among the most popular, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten romantic Turkish series.

best Turkish romantic series

ListingBest.com has put together a list of the top 10 Turkish romantic dramas. If you’re a fan of Turkish romantic dramas, you should check it out.

10: Istanbullu Gelin (2017-2019)

Istanbullu Gelin

The Istanbul Bride is a romantic Turkish series that the whole family may enjoy. The tale follows Farouk, the owner of a bus business and the oldest son of a respected and affluent family, who falls in love with and marries a girl who plays the violin. However, they suffer several issues due to Farouk’s mother’s dissatisfaction with the marriage. The series has three seasons and 87 episodes. The series received five awards and was going for eight more.

9: Hercai (2019-2021)


It’s one of the Turkish shows that you should watch. It is a show that is both romantic and dramatic. Some episodes make you cry. All about “Miran,” a young man who lost his parents because of someone else, and this person became his enemy and wanted revenge on him. The show is about him. It was Ryan’s father’s idea to marry his daughter, but they quickly fell in love with each other. Will this change his plan to avenge his parents? The show has three seasons and 69 episodes. This show was nominated for six awards and won six.

8: Kara Para Aşk (2014-2015)

Kara Para Aşk

The Kara Para Ask series is a Turkish romantic drama filled with action and suspense. A police officer investigating the death of his fiancée, who was murdered on top of a cliff while riding in a vehicle with a wealthy business person, is the focus of the series’ narrative. Omar’s investigation into the death of his fiancée leads him to uncover a slew of mysteries. There are two seasons and a total of 54 episodes in the series. This series has been nominated for one award and has earned five nominations.

7: Bittersoet (2015-2017)


Bittersweet is one of the best romantic dramas that is sad. Some episodes make people cry because they have a great story, and many dramatic, exciting things happen because of one show. The show is about “Kamal,” a poor young man who falls in love with Nihan from a wealthy and well-respected family. This couple’s love tale is one of the most romantic ever. And her brother has to decide whether to let Amir, who has always wanted to marry Nihan, take him out. To get away from Kamal and marry Amir, Nihan breaks up with Kamal and leaves. The show has two seasons and 74 episodes. This series has won four awards and has been going for 16 more.

6: Forbidden Love (2008-2010)

Forbidden Love

The Forbidden Love series is one of the most beautiful Turkish romantic dramas in Turkish. Whether you’re Turkish or not, you will fall in love with the show. This series has a lovely story about love, betrayal, and drama. Bahloul, a relative, comes to visit from time to time. At the story’s beginning, Adnan Bey falls in love with Better and marries her, a beautiful girl. When Bahloul and Better fall in love, there is betrayal and treachery. Afterward, Bihter planned to marry the son he had with his wife, Adnan, so that the events would move from love to madness and betrayal. The show has two seasons and 79 episodes. There were seven awards and three nominations for this show, winning seven.

5: Hayat Şarkısı (2016-2017)

Hayat Şarkısı

Hayat Şarkısı is one of the best Turkish series about family and love. It is a TV show about two people who are “two different friends on a financial level.” Each of them married a woman the other person liked, only to repeat the story when they agreed to marry one of the daughters of the other’s sons. But this marriage won’t happen, and It will show the rest of the events in a fun way. The show has two seasons and 57 episodes. This series has been nominated for one award and won one.

4: Ask Laftan Anlamaz (2016-2017)

Ask Laftan Anlamaz

People in Turkey love the series “ask laftan anlamaz.” It’s been a hit and is very interesting to watch. There is a beautiful girl who lives in the country with strict parents. Hayah wants to find a job in the city in a company run by Murad, with who she falls in love. Many problems could ruin both her professional and personal life. The show has one season, with 31 episodes. Many things happen in it, and it is a short series. This show won three awards and had six nominations.

3: Kuzgun (2019)


In Turkey, the romantic drama series “Kuzgun” is one of the most popular and well-known. When his mother deceived a friend of his and caused his execution, his wife abandoned their kid, the crow, to the gang, hoping that her husband would be released. That is why the crow escapes but returns to revenge his mother’s death and to see his boyhood sweetheart, whom he has known since infancy. The first season has a total of 21 episodes.

2: Black and White Love (2017-2018)

Black and White Love

One of the most acceptable Turkish romantic action shows is Black and White Love. A romance series with thrilling, non-boring occurrences. The series follows “a doctor whose life is infused with the desire to treat others, a kind doctor with a white heart who murderer falls in love with her and kidnaps her.” The rest of the events occur in a romantic setting, transforming their hate into love and romance. There are 32 episodes in one season of the show. There were eight nominations for this series.

1: Poyraz Karayel (2015-2017)

Poyraz Karayel

Poyraz Karayel is one of the best Turkish romantic drama series that tops our list today. The series revolves around “a famous ex-cop who is placed inside the biggest mafia in Istanbul as a mission trying to get his son back.” It is also considered one of the Turkish series that won many awards and nominations and gained great fame in the year of its release. The series consists of 3 seasons, 82 episodes. This series has received six awards and 23 nominations.

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