Top 10 Gardens in Cairo

Public gardens and parks are places that families like to go, especially those with young children. They are good places to spend a lovely day where everyone can play, and kids can run around without fear. In the following lines, we’ll show you the top gardens in Cairo by And where families can enjoy pleasant times and fun.

Best gardens in Cairo

Most parks in Cairo are fun for the whole family and don’t cost much. Unique places to make great memories. Some of these gardens are more than 100 years old, and others are brand new, but they are all excellent places to get away from the trees and greenery.

10: Aquarium Grotto Garden Cairo

Aquarium Grotto Garden Cairo

Isma’il Pasha started this beautiful garden on 9.5 acres in 1867. Jabalia Park is another name for one of the oldest gardens in Cairo.

There are also shapes in the garden that looks like fish gills, which gives it a unique look. The park also has a group of caves with fish tanks underground.

Even though the number of fish in the park has gone down, there are still some rare fish there. The hours are from 9 am to 5:30 pm every day except Tuesday.

Prices: It costs 5 pounds to get in for a person, 20 pounds for a non-Egyptian, and 500 pounds for a camera.

9: Fustat Park

Fustat Park

It’s one of the gardens in old Cairo. It covers 250 acres and has been around since 1970.

One of the most famous historical parks is Fustat Park.

People who go to the park can also walk and run through the grass and trees. There are an outdoor theater and play areas for kids in the garden.

There are also two cafeterias in the park, which are being built now.

Timing: 8 am to 11 pm every day except Friday, 9 am to 11 pm.

Prices: each person costs 5 EGP, and games and amusement parks cost 10 EGP.

8: Al Horreya Garden

Al Horreya Garden

One of Cairo’s old gardens, this one was built in 1876 and covered 7.7 acres. After being closed for a long time, the park reopened in 2001.

Although it is a place for cultural and political entertainment, Al Horreya Garden is another garden that few people know about. A special place for families, and you can take beautiful pictures among the trees and palms.

There are also several statues of historical figures in Al Horreya Garden. These include sculptures of Ahmed Shawky, Abdel Moneim Riyad, Umm Kulthum, and others.

When: Every day from 9 am to 10:30 pm.

Prices: Each person must pay 10 pounds to get in.

7: Algazera Garden Cairo

Algazera Garden Cairo

The beautiful Gezira Garden is in the middle of Cairo. It used to be called the Botanical Garden. There are a lot of beautiful and unusual plants in the island’s garden.

In the garden, there is also a place for kids to play. People who go to the island park can enjoy the indigo boats there.

The park has a lot of greenery and trees, which provide a natural outlet. People who like to walk or run can also enjoy their time there.

When: From 9 am to 10 pm, every day.

Prices: It costs 10 pounds per person to get in, 25 pounds per person to ride on the boat, and 400 pounds for a private boat ride for an hour.

6: El Andalos Park

El Andalos Park

Andalos Park is a beautiful place on the Nile worth going to. It is 9000 square meters big. The garden was built in 1935 and divided into three sections.

Also, Al-Andalos Garden is one of the most beautiful and well-planned gardens after Al-Azhar Park. In the garden, a group of trees comes back every year, as well as two marble fountains and five lion statues.

Also, Al-Andalus Garden is a unique and clean place for families. So it’s one of the best gardens in Cairo.

The time that you can visit El Andalos Park is every day from 9 am to 10 pm.

Prices: Egyptians pay 5 pounds to get in, and people from other countries pay 10. The camera costs 500 pounds.

5: Merryland Park

Merryland Park

It built one of Cairo’s oldest gardens in 1949 on a 50-acre plot. The park also has a lot of green space, making walking or running fun.

There are restaurants and cafes for all tastes in the garden. People who come to the park can also take small boats out on the lakes.

The park is also one of Cairo’s ten best gardens. There are also bathrooms for the public and security at Merryland Park.

When: From 9 am to 11 pm every day.

Sunday through Thursday, prices are 20EGP, and Friday and Saturday, prices are 30EGP.

4: Child’s Park

Child’s Park

A unique garden that it built recently in Nasr City. There are paths for walking and running in the park. Also, the children’s playground is suitable for everyone in the family and people from all walks of life.

There is a place for kids to play and restaurants and cafes for the public in the garden. The garden also has a public library where people can read scientific and cultural books.

When: from 10 am to 10:30 pm.

Prices: A person can get in for 10 pounds, while a camera costs 300 pounds.

3: The International Park

The International Park

One of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in Cairo, it was built in 1987. There are good places to work out in Al-Hadithiya. You can walk or jog on the paths made for this purpose.

There are also some animals in a small zoo in the international park. The kids’ play area also has an international garden that kids will enjoy.

In addition to public bathrooms, the garden has a restaurant, a gift shop, a café, and several other public facilities and services.

When: Every day from 8 am to 11 pm

Prices are 10 pounds, and the zoo and play area cost extra.

2: Family park

Family park

It’s a garden that works for everyone in the family. It is on a 70-acre plot of land and is entirely run by electronic systems.

The park also has a complex for science and culture, a difficult for fun, and miniature models of the Library of Alexandria, the Military Museum, and the Giza Zoo.

The park offers children and their families a place to learn and have fun through effective programs, exhibits, and special events. The garden also has an exciting and unique place for kids to play.

The time that you can visit the family park is every day from 9 am to 11 pm.

Prices: 40EGP during the week, 50EGP on Friday and Saturday, and kids under 4 are free.

1: Al-Azhar Garden Cairo

Al-Azhar Garden Cairo

This garden is one of the tops in Cairo. In 2005, Al-Azhar Garden opened to the public. It takes up 300,000 square meters of space.

It is an excellent place for families because it is in a good spot on Salah Salem Street and has a view of the city of Cairo.

Al-Azhar Park also has an artificial lake, which gives a beautiful view and is a great place to take pictures. The park, one of the 60 most significant public places in the world, is also a great place to walk and jog.

There is a place for kids to play and a theater where concerts are held. There park also has restaurants and cafes, restrooms, and parking.

You can go there every day from 9 am to 10 pm.

Prices: Sunday through Thursday, children pay 20 pounds, and adults pay 30 pounds. Friday and Saturday, children spend 25 pounds, and adults pay 35 pounds. Holidays and events can change prices.

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