Top 10 Eco-Friendly Hotels

Millions of people worldwide want to travel because it is one of the best things in life. Recently, there have been a lot of calls for hotels and resorts that are good for the environment. And which use natural housing and have programs for saving energy and water for their guests. In the following lines, we’ll tell you about the world’s top ten eco-friendly hotels by that offer unique and different experiences to their guests.

Best eco-friendly hotels

Best Hotels That Are Good for the Environment Hotels give their guests a unique and memorable experience. Programs to save water and energy and hotels and resorts that use natural housing and tents instead of modern buildings help the environment. We’ll learn about the best hotels in different parts of the world.

10: Hix Island House

Hix Island House

The Hix Island House is a famous eco-friendly hotel in Puerto Rico that is known all over the world. Also, Hix Island House gets much of its daily energy from the sun and uses rainwater for many different things.

The hotel has 19 rooms, each of which is different and has a kitchen. And there is also free wifi and maid service every day.

The hotel has a pool, a spa, and a place to park cars for its guests. In addition, hotel guests can also bring their pets with them.

9: Jetwing Surf

Jetwing Surf

One of Sri Lanka’s most exciting hotels is the Jetwing Surf Hotel. The hotel’s structure, made of wood, palm leaves, and dried lacquer grass, is based on how things look in nature.

They build the hotel to cause as minor damage as possible to its plants. There is also natural lighting and ventilation, and the wastewater is treated biologically to protect the environment. Also, the hotel has modern features like free wifi, a swimming pool, and private parking that is free of charge.

8: Garonga Safari Company

Garonga Safari Company

The Garonga Safari Camp Hotel in the Makalai Reserve in South Africa is a unique way to return to nature. By getting 30% of its energy from solar panels, the hotel cuts its carbon footprint by 30%.

The South African Garonga Safari Camp Hotel also has a heat pump system that saves 80% of electricity. The hotel also has a plan that turns food and other waste into natural gas that can help cook.

The hotel filters and cleans the water you put back into the animal camp’s water pit. The venue has luxury tents that look out over a dry riverbed and a swimming pool outside.

Find local and African food served at the camp outside on the pool deck or in the main lounge area. The hotel offers hunting trips in the morning and evening and bush walks.

7: Cauayan Island Resort

Cauayan Island Resort is one of the best resorts

The Philippines’ Palawan is where Cauayan Island Resort is. The engineering of the resort is based on how green nature is. The place also has many outdoor activities in its green setting.

The resort also has a restaurant, a fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool. Visitors to the lodge in El Nido can kayak or hop from island to island.

At 15 diving sites, you can also dive and do all the different things you can do while diving. The resort has a beach, free wifi, parking, and room service.

Smoking is also not allowed anywhere in the hotel to protect the environment. So it’s one of the best eco-friendly hotels.

6: Soneva Kiri

Soneva Kiri

One of the eco-friendly hotels in Thailand and around the world is the Soneva Kiri Hotel. This Thai resort is the perfect mix of eco-friendly luxury because it is in a tropical forest and is close to beautiful beaches.

The Soneva Kiri Hotel Carbon Calculator was made to track how much energy, freight, food, paper, trash, and water are used. Soneva Kiri has an organic garden, so it doesn’t have to ship food from far away, which is better for the environment.

The hotel has free wifi, a swimming pool, and a fitness center. Visitors can go for a walk on the hotel’s private white-sand beach or do other fun things.

The hotel has a tennis court, a playground for kids, a library, and an outdoor movie theater. You can also do things like snorkeling and kayaking on the water.

5: Kachi Lodge

Kachi Lodge is one of the motels

The Kachi Lodge opened in March 2021. It was the first hotel of its kind in Bolivia.

The hotel is 3600m above sea level and at the Tonuba volcano’s base. It is powered by the sun.

In addition, the hotel has a front desk open 24 hours a day, room service, and a place to exchange money. The hotel has family rooms and free parking for its guests.

So the hotel has a unique restaurant and a place to exchange money. At night, the lampposts in the hotel do a great job of keeping the guests warm.

4: Three Camel Lodge

Three Camel Lodge is one of the best hotels

The Five-Star Three Camel Lodge looks like a mirage between the slopes of Pianzag and the Altai Mountains in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. The hotel comprises 40 warm Mongolian-style round tents that are comfortable and good for the environment.

The insides of the tents have also been painted by hand. And the place is powered by the sun, and plastic is not allowed. The hotel also takes care of animals and helps nomads who struggle in the winter with some of the money it makes.

The hotel also has a spa, horse stables, and a restaurant that has won awards. It also offers tours to famous places in the Gobi. Also, the hotel doesn’t have wifi or phones, and guests can enjoy the wildlife around them.

3: Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge is one of the eco friendly

The Bacoor Lodge is in the central highlands of Costa Rica, deep in the rainforest. Both four-wheel-drive vehicles and catamarans can get to the hotel.

People who stay at the hotel can also have adventures, enjoy the beauty of nature, and see exotic animals. Also, the hotel runs on solar power, and a turbine in a nearby stream makes electricity.

At Pacuare Lodge, the huts are made without cutting down any trees. They are lit by lanterns, which also give off heat. The hotel has complete programs that include meals, activities, transportation, and lodging. In addition, there is no place to park at the hotel and no wifi.

2: Bambu Indah Resort

Bambu Indah Resort is one of the top eco-friendly hotels

The Bambu Indah Hotel is on the island of Bali, which is in the country of Indonesia. The hotel comprises teak houses and bamboo tents carved by hand.

The restaurant at the Bambu Indah Hotel uses bamboo leaves instead of plates and papaya stems rather than straw. The hotel has a lot of fun things to do for fun, like yoga classes and bike rentals.

The Bambu Indah Hotel has a swimming pool, free high-speed wifi, and free parking. Also, clean energy helps to power the hotel.

1: Svart

Svart is one of the best eco-friendly hotels

Svart Hotel in northern Norway is the first hotel in the world to have a power plant inside. Compared to other modern hotels, the hotel uses 85% less energy because it makes up all the energy it needs to run.

The hotel’s rooms, restaurants, and balconies build to take advantage of the sun’s energy in the summer. The design of the building is based on the “Fishing Shack” style of Norwegian architecture.

The hotel has a view of the Svartisen River in all directions. The hotel also has four restaurants and a 1,000-square-meter spa area. It has 99 rooms. The hotel opened last year and has a sustainable farm, an education center, and two electric boats. So Svart Hotel is one of the best eco-friendly hotels.

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