Top 10 Foods To Kill The Amoeba

Most people get parasitic amoebas through contaminated food. This article shows you which foods to kill the amoeba by Because amoebiasis can spread through one’s faeces or close contact, it kills 70,000 people each year.

Symptoms of amoeba

After consuming these items infected with the parasite spread by flies. A person’s health seems normal for the first seven days but gradually deteriorates as he exhibits the following symptoms:

  • Initial signs and symptoms include loose stools, disorientation, stomach distress, and weariness.
  • Bloody stools that change colour, prolonged nausea, stomach discomfort, and chronic diarrhoea are among the symptoms that worsen.
  • Also, the symptoms may worsen and become anaemia because of the loss of blood points when you keep defecating. And because the amoeba eats red blood cells.

Foods to kill the amoeba

It would help if you are looking for these symptoms, and when you do. Stop eating food outside the house and add these foods to your daily meal plan.

10: Garlic


It’s made up of many things that kill bacteria, parasites, and intestinal toxins and keep them from coming back into the body.

It fights the parasite and drains it through the stool outside of the stomach and intestines. It also treats the effects of the amoeba, such as diarrhoea and confusion, which can cause it. And it also removes viruses and parasites from blood cells. And it boosts the body’s ability to fight off infections by making people more resistant to getting them.

Take two pills, such as capsules, before breakfast for many weeks until you’re fully recovered, or take supplements from pharmacies. You may also combine chopped garlic cloves, white honey, and a few slices of ginger to make a treatment.

9: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the healthy food

The seeds and pulp within a pumpkin or squash fruit defend the digestive lining against parasites. It’s killing both adult parasites and parasite eggs and excreting them.

It has vitamin C, carotenoids, and lutein, making it an excellent way to fight parasites like amoebas or tapeworms. It helps regulate digestion, boosts immunity, and fights infections and free radicals that turn into tumours.

Take two tablespoons of the seeds before breakfast, consume the soup made from them, or roast and eat pumpkin chunks. Alternatively, toss these pieces into a salad dish and eat them with your meals.

8: Carrot

Carrot is good for amoeba

Carrot is one of the top Foods to kill the amoeba. It’s a good source of vitamin A, which fights and destroys amoeba eggs.

Carrots provide many health benefits, including increased immunity due to zinc and vitamin C components. And the improved brain and nerve efficiency due to potassium and vitamin K components. It also addresses the skin pallor brought on by the amoeba’s body fatigue. That is because of its lutein, carotene, silicon, and lycopene content.

As a snack, you can cut up a group of carrots into bite-sized pieces. You can also add Carrots to a salad bowl. The best way to get rid of parasite eggs quickly is to start your day with carrots.

7: Dates


Dates of all types, including ajwa, tamarind, and wet dates, reflect toxins’ effects and eliminate them from the body after defecation.

The benefits of dates include curing and battling physical tiredness by increasing the haemoglobin percentage. That has reduced owing to parasites feeding on blood cells. It also fights various gastrointestinal diseases and confusions thanks to its fibre components, including soluble and insoluble fibres.

Dates feeding pattern: emptying the dates from the kernel and adding coconut to it, relying on it as a snack. Or just seven dates on an empty stomach.

6: Pomegranate bark

Pomegranate bark is one of the most foods to kill the amoeba

The bark refers to the inner peel of the white pomegranate fruit. And which effectively treats amoebic symptoms and kills parasites and their eggs.

Dried bark: It should eating every day by taking a spoonful of it.

Boiled bark: It helps with diarrhoea that doesn’t stop. You should eat it four times a day after putting honey on it. Boil 60 grams of barley and a litre of water over the stove for 15 minutes. It would help if you considered that you’d be drinking the first cup when you’re not hungry.

Ginger and mixed bark: It also helps with nausea and tiredness. It will help if you put a small amount of ginger in with the dried bark.

5: Lemon


In addition to being a disinfectant, it is also a natural immune stimulator and stops the parasite from getting to the liver. It makes it one of the best foods to kill amoeba.

It’s good for you and you can find Vitamin C in it and fruits, vegetables, and food. It helps the skin look its best again after the amoeba ate it away. It also makes it easier for the body to take in iron. To use iron to raise the level of haemoglobin and fight anaemia.

Lemon eating habits include drinking lemon juice mixed with water. You may also combine it with other fruit juices, such as guava, or eat it with salads. The liquid should be served chilled rather than heated since heat degrades the vitamin C content.

4: Thyme


It fights pollutants and toxins that harm the digestive system and intestines. And it fights the signs and effects that they are there.

Thyme is good for removing gases from the intestines, stopping diarrhoea, and getting rid of worms and parasites with the stool outside the intestine. Another thing it does is get rid of parasites from the blood cells. It is because it has antioxidant ingredients, making it an antibiotic and fighting infections.

Thyme has a nutritional pattern that includes eating it fresh with everyday meals and adding it to baked goods, pizza, and other dishes. It is also possible to ingest it by buying the oil extracted from it. Mix two drops in a cup of lemon juice and drink it three times a day. Children should not take this plant under six or pregnant women.

3: Yoghurt

Yoghurt is good food for amoeba

It is one of the foods that have a high percentage of probiotics. So it is a component that aids in mineral and vitamin absorption and the destruction of intestinal parasites.

It is suitable for those unable to handle the taste of the lactose component. And it aids in treating digestive issues such as chronic diarrhoea, infections, and intestinal troubles. And It also restores proper moisture to the skin and body, lost and harmed due to regular and recurring diarrhoea. As a result, bodily fluids are consumed until dehydration occurs.

It also improves the immune system’s ability to resist and kill foreign organisms like germs, worms, and other parasites and shortens its time to recover from parasites.

It must be consumed on an empty stomach, either plain or with added ingredients. Alternatively, add fruit or whole-grain cubes, as well as honey. Yoghurt, without any additives, is acceptable for young children beginning at the age of ten months.

2: Potato

Potato is one of the top foods to kill the amoeba

Potatoes include 13 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, fighting parasites and viruses, strengthening blood vessels. It makes it one of the top foods to kill amoeba.

It sterilizes the intestines from different fungi, parasites, and toxins. And it increases the activity of the intestines to eliminate waste, thanks to its fibre components. It also helps promote nerve health, immunological function, and mental processes, all of which are harmed by parasites. It also includes vitamin B6, which helps to boost haemoglobin release and restores the skin’s freshness. And shine after being subjected to dryness.

Serve to boil with no added ingredients, mashed with thyme or oven-fried slices. Consider buying a high-quality product that is dry and devoid of green or brown blotches.

1: Red berries

Red berries is one of the best foods to kill the amoeba

Berries are on the first list of the top foods to kill amoeba because they kill amoebic parasites and other types that get into the intestines.

By eating them every day, you get the benefits of polyphenols, fibre, and vitamin C. Red berries have countless health benefits, and they help protect the body from a range of different things.

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