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Top 10 Spanish Series

Best Spanish series

Many Best Spanish series is well-known for the excellent quality of their artwork, which has earned high ratings across platforms, particularly the Netflix platform, which generates the majority of Spanish shows. Discover with us the top ten Spanish series worth watching at all; the list has been meticulously curated based on the website ListingBest.com.

10: Velvet (2013-2016)


Velvet is one of the most outstanding Spanish romantic drama programs to watch. The story centers on “Velvet,” one of Spain’s most prestigious fashion houses, which Alberto inherited from his father.

The action of the narrative takes place in the late 1950s. As this profound love tale would not appeal to many, including Alberto’s father, the fashion house watches the love story between “Alberto” and “Anna,” a seamstress who works in the design house. The plot revolves around the two characters’ romantic love story and intrigues and business choices about the fashion house’s future.

From 2013 through 2016, was produced four seasons (55 episodes). The series received six honors, including the 2017 Fotogramas de Plata. It garnered 18 nominations as well.

9: Vis a Vis (2015-2019)

Vis a Vis

Vis a vis is a Spanish drama series widely regarded as a masterpiece in Spanish television history and the best Spanish series on Netflix. So The tale follows “Macarena Ferrero,” a young lady who falls in love with her employer, which leads to her incarceration for a series of fraud and embezzlement offenses.

Many events revolve around one of the inmates, “Zolima,” one of the most dangerous, and Marcarena’s effort to escape by paying bail, but things quickly get complex.

From 2015 until 2019, the series lasted four seasons (51 episodes). The series received eight honors, including two at the 2017 Fotogramas de Plata. Twenty-six awards, including the Feroz Awards and ES 2019, were nominated for the series.

8: Valeria (2020-)


Valeria is a beautiful Spanish comedy sitcom by Netflix. The tale centers on “Valeria,” a writer who gets into a problem with her spouse due to the emotional distance; therefore, she chooses to resort to her closest friends, “Carmen, Lola, Neria,” who help her throughout her trip.

So Valeria and her companions enter a vortex of sentiments concerning love, friendship, jealousy, adultery, dreams, and the future. An excellent series worth viewing. It was a two-season (16-episode) television series in 2020.

7: Unauthorized Living (2018-2020)

Unauthorized Living

Unauthorized Living is one of the greatest drama shows on television, with a heartfelt plot worth watching. The tale follows “Nemo Bandera,” a heroin dealer who goes undercover with a clean businessman. He has Alzheimer’s disease, prompting him to look for a successor to prevent the loss of his vast business. Due to one of the leaders’ sicknesses, there is a lot of upheaval and treachery.

So The show has two seasons (23 episodes) that run from 2018 to 2020. A total of three nominations have gone for the series, including two in the Zapping Awards.

6: Morocco: Love in Times of War (2017)

Morocco: Love in Times of War

Morocco: Love In Times Of War is a war drama television series set in Morocco. The series is in 1920 in the Moroccan city of Melilla, So, where Spanish Red Cross nurses volunteer amid a rural conflict and strive to adjust to their surroundings and acquire experience.

There was just one season of this show, which premiered in 2017. (13 episodes). And The series is drama and horror. In addition, Best Drama Series and Best Screenplay were among the four nominations. He won the MIM Series Award in 2017.

5: High Seas (2019-2020)

High Seas

High Seas is one of Netflix’s most popular Spanish mystery shows. So The story follows Eva and Carolina’s sisters, who uncover shocking and perplexing family secrets after a series of mysterious murders aboard a luxury ship heading from Spain to Brazil in 1940. The show has three seasons (22 episodes) from 2019 to 2020.

4: Cable Girls (2017-2020)

Cable Girls is The Best Spanish series

Cable Girls is a Spanish historical drama series regarded as one of the best in the country. As she works at a communications firm in the twentieth century, a girl flees from her past with a fake identity and finds that the past produces the future, which comprises friends, lovers, and pure sentiments. In addition, The girl meets three other females working for the same firm, and each has a unique tale.

There are five seasons in the series (42 episodes), from 2017 through 2020. The series earned five accolades, including the best series award at the Shanghai International TV Festival in 2018. It also went for three awards.

3: Grand Hotel (2011-2013)

Grand Hotel is The Best Spanish series

Grand Hotel is one of the most excellent and most popular Spanish television shows, and it is well worth watching. The series is set at the beautiful Grand Hotel in Spain during King Alfonso XIII‘s reign in the early twentieth century. So Julio came in 1905 to look into his sister’s abduction and worked as a server at the hotel. He meets the hotel owner’s daughter and falls in love with her, forging a deep bond between them.

From 2011 to 2013, the series comes with three seasons (39 episodes). In addition, The series received 11 prizes, including the 2013 Iris Awards in Spain. It garnered 22 nominations as well. It’s one of the lovely family series that we think you’ll like.

2: Elite (2018-)

Elite is The Best Spanish series

Elite is one of the most famous Spanish teen shows. The show is about how high school students deal with their daily and emotional problems on a day-to-day level. A school in Spain collapsed because of an earthquake. Three people from the working class can go to the “Las Encina” school and study there, but a fight breaks out between them and students from the wealthy class, which ends in the death of one person. This crime was done by who?

The series had four seasons (32 episodes). At the Iris Awards, Spain, in 2021, the show won one award. There also were five nominations in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for this show.

1: Money Heist (2017-2021)

Money Heist is The Best Spanish series

“La Case de Papel” is one of the best and most well-known Spanish TV shows of all time! It is a Spanish show about robbery and theft that Netflix is promoting. The Professor is also the show’s name, which is about the show’s main character, the mastermind, and the planner.

The “Professor,” a mysterious, intelligent, and unique man, is the star of the show. He looks for a gang to break into the Royal Mint and print 2.4 billion euros. Because the Professor’s father wanted to steal the Royal Mint, but his father died when he tried to steal it, the Professor did both his dream and the dream of his father. Five months after living in isolation, they start planning and memorizing how to carry out the plan. It only takes them 11 days to prepare and deal with the police around the place and 67 hostages.

The song for the show was even more popular than the show itself. There are five seasons in the series, each with a different plan and arrangement, a lot of intelligence, and drama. At the 2018 Gran Premio Internazionale del Doppiaggio, the show won three awards, and two International Emmy Awards were given out for the best drama show. It also got 37 nominations.

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