Top 10 Nutritious Baby Food

Here are the top ten healthy, nutritious baby food by Every mother cares about her baby’s health. She checks the baby’s weight and watches how it grows physically and mentally. We all know that a baby’s health, intelligence, and immunity depend on his mother’s milk for the first six months.

With breast milk, moms shouldn’t rush to give their babies food before they’re six months old so that the baby’s body is ready to eat what we eat.

Many mothers make mistakes when feeding their babies, like starting with all kinds of foods that adults eat. It is a common mistake that many mothers make, which can harm your child’s health without you even realizing it.

So if your baby is six months old and you want to start giving them simple foods, First, do what will tell you here for him:

  • Give your baby a spoon and a soft silicone dish just for them.
  • Use hot water to clean all of your baby’s tools.
  • Also, use the foods we will show you, and avoid hard, sharp, and hard-to-digest foods.
  • Pureed foods are easy for babies to eat and digest. They also taste good.
  • Try a type of food with your child. If he doesn’t like it, wait three days and try it again with a few drops of breast milk.
  • In addition, give food to your child that doesn’t have salt, sugar, or oils.

Nutritious baby food for six months old

My dear, I’ll show you the ten healthiest foods for your child between 6 and 12 months old that are high in vitamins and calcium and that most children like to eat.

10: Cerelac


Cerelac is a quick, easy-to-make meal full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your child. It doesn’t have harmful chemicals for your baby, and moms always use it, especially when traveling. It’s also sometimes a quick way to feed your baby at home.

Cerelac contains:

  • Carbohydrates are the ones that give your child energy.
  • Iron keeps you from getting anemia.
  • High with calcium: The most crucial element for babies who aren’t getting enough calcium because they are teething or learning to walk.
  • Protein and zinc.
  • Vitamin (A-C-D).
  • Omega 3.

So it is easy for your baby to digest and light on his stomach.

9: Oats


Some say oats are the best food for kids, adults, and babies. It is suitable for your baby’s health and makes them feel complete. It is a whole grain and has everything your baby’s body needs.

So oats have a lot of vitamins, minerals, phosphorous, and iron, which are all good for your child’s body. It gives kids energy and helps them learn. It also cooks quickly and fills them up. You can use it as more than one meal for your baby by adding different foods, such as:

  • Fruits with oats (banana – berries – apple).
  • Cooked oats.
  • Oats with milk from the mother.
  • Oatmeal with fruit and yogurt.
  • Oats that have been soaked.
  • So it’s a nutritious baby of great food to keep your child from getting sick.

8: Mashed sweet potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes

Both adults and kids love mashed sweet potatoes. They are suitable for your baby’s health, easy for his small stomach to handle, and easy to eat, whether you boil or grill them and then mash them well. Potatoes are suitable for your child in many ways.

It strengthens the immune system because they are high in vitamin C. They also help your child’s body absorb more vitamin D and iron. Mashed sweet potatoes can help your baby gain weight if he isn’t gaining weight independently. So it’s saturated and full of vitamins that your 6-month-old baby needs.

7: Mashed boiled potatoes

Mashed boiled potatoes

There are many vitamins in mashed potatoes that you wouldn’t expect, such as (vitamin C – vitamin A – folic acid – potassium – magnesium – phosphorous – calcium – iron – sodium – zinc). And soft when it’s broken down.

It’s easy to make, helpful, and good for you, so it’s one of the best nutritious baby food to help your child.

6: Mashed boiled carrots

Mashed boiled carrots is one of the nutritious baby food

Mashed, boiled carrots taste different to babies than other foods because they are soft and easy to digest. They also help strengthen your baby’s immune system and make it easier for their intestines to move because they contain beta-carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. It also has energy-giving vitamins in it. Tastes rich and sweet and is easy to make.

5: boiled zucchini

boiled zucchini is nutritious

Zucchini that has been boiled is suitable for your child and helps him get used to all kinds of vegetables. It is one of the vegetables with a high nutritional value, is well-balanced, and has a lot of the fiber, protein, and healthy saturated carbs that your baby’s body needs at this age.

If you have kids and a laxative for kids with constipation and a bowel movement regulator, it’s enough that it’s good for your child’s health. It is easy to digest, very healthy, and valuable.

4: Mashed apple

Mashed apple is good for baby

In a famous saying about apples, doctors say that mashed apples are the best way to keep kids healthy (an apple a day keeps the doctor away). Apples are full of vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, as well as iodine, phosphorous, iron, and calcium.

It can help babies with diarrhea or constipation. And it helps with coughs, stomach problems, and upset stomachs. It is suitable for babies to eat, and they like it because it makes them feel good and is accessible on their bellies. Most babies love this meal. Ideal for your child’s health and weight.

3: Banana

Banana is one of the foods for infants

Children love mashed bananas because they are tasty and easy to eat. They are ready-made foods that can be mashed with a spoon and given to the baby. Bananas have a lot of good things for your baby to eat.

They are one of the best sources of vitamin C and potassium, and their high fiber content makes them very filling for your baby. It has a lot of calcium, which helps your child build strong bones and teeth. So one banana has everything you need to eat in it.

2: Eggs

Eggs are one of the top nutritious baby food

Eggs are suitable for your baby because they are healthy and full of protein. They also have a lot of cholesterol, essential for your baby’s healthy growth. Some doctors also say that babies should eat eggs for breakfast.

One egg is enough until they are a year old in every breakfast. It also has calcium, which the child’s teeth and bones need at this age. A meal that fills your child up and gives him health and strength.

1: Herbs

Herbs are one of the best nutritious baby food

Your child will benefit from the herbal bottle as soon as they are six months old. If your child has colic or gas in the first year, the herbal bottle will help.

Herbs like cumin, caraway, star anise, fennel, chamomile, and thyme work to calm them down and help them digest food. They are suitable for your baby because they are made from natural ingredients. It calms your baby’s nerves, relieves gas, and helps them sleep.

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