Top 10 Places To Visit In Aswan

Places to visit in Aswan

It is one of the most beautiful cities globally, so today. We will learn about the top ten places to visit in Aswan by if you want to spend the winter in Egypt in a unique way.

It would help if you did not forget that it has some of the best tourist attractions globally. It’s making it a trendy place, especially in the winter. Read this now to find out where the most beautiful places are in Aswan.

10: Elephantine


One of the most beautiful and well-known places to visit is the city of Aswan. And it has a lot of exciting things to see and do. In this case, the German Archaeological Institute was interested in digging up this island. They found a lot of artifacts.

As soon as you arrive on the island, you will see many things from the past and the present. And beautiful nature that will make you want to stay there forever. Make sure to take a few pictures to remember your trip to this unique piece of art. Take several small sailboat cruises around the island, as well.

9: Agilkia Island

Agilkia Island

It is one of the most beautiful places to go when you visit Aswan. So it is one of the Aswan islands, which is in the reservoir of the old Aswan Dam. It would help if you went there to see new places. UNESCO moved all parts of the Philae temple in 1902 AD. So they could make more space for more people to visit the temple.

During your time on the island, you can do many different things, like take memorial photos in nature and look at the walls of the Philae Temple inside the island. It’s possible to have drinks and snacks at one of the island’s caves, which look out over the Nile. You can also stay in one of the island’s many hotel rooms.

8: Masjed Altabyah

Masjed Altabyah

One of the oldest and most important mosques in the city of Aswan, this one is significant. It is also an important place for tourists, even if they aren’t Muslims. The elegance and ancient architecture make it one of the crucial things to see in the city.

It looks like the old Mamluk style. It was built in 1974 AD and opened to the public. And it has four entrances and glass lamps that look like lanterns. And are decorated with Quranic verses written in a unique Kufic script.

It’s possible to walk around and look at the old carved walls that take you back. You can take souvenir photos to remember your trip. Take a stroll through the mosque’s garden even in winter, when it’s hot and sunny.

7: Kitchener’s Island

Kitchener's Island is one of the most places to go in Aswan

The city of Aswan encompasses a tiny island, the furthest of which is less than one kilometer away. And it is one of the city’s most prominent tourist attractions in Aswan.

It is a tranquil island far away from the city’s noise. There are places where you can exercise and sail on boats to enjoy the scenery. Rare trees, like “royal palm trees,” and plants brought from other countries and in danger of extinction are also there.

The best things to do on the island are walking and running because the paths are wide enough. And you take pictures of rare trees and plants, enjoying them as a city park with a family-friendly atmosphere where you can spend the day. Take a sailboat tour and see rare and colorful birds.

6: Nubian Museum

Nubian Museum is Aswan top attractions

Built-in 1997 AD over a vast area of 50,000 square meters split between the building itself, gardens, public spaces, and museum annexes. So it is one of the places in Aswan’s museums that adds beauty.

In the museum, there are three floors with different kinds of information and cultures. And there is a particular area for the Nubian civilization and culture. It has about 3000 Egyptian masterpieces, including about 90 significant antiquities. And all of the pieces are very rare and unique.

You can learn about the different eras, different civilizations, and small details of the Nubian culture while you’re there. You can also see the unique quarries that the museum has. Taking pictures with antiques and different models and looking at paintings by artists who show how ships are built in great detail were some of the things to do.

5: Unfinished Obelisk

Unfinished Obelisk is aswan sightseeing

You can’t visit Aswan in Egypt and not see the Unfinished Obelisk because it’s one of the oldest things in the city. It’s only one kilometer from the Nile River, and it’s one of the oldest things in the city.

The notion that it hasn’t been finished yet is based on flaws in the obelisk’s granite. And which prevented its completion and ensured it remained a masterpiece and a tourist attraction throughout the years.

It’s possible to take pictures next to this important piece of art and visit the Fatimid tombs from the 7th century AD while you’re there. People can go there during the day and have fun with each other. Then there is the work of sailing cruises, as well. “Moevenpick” is one of the best hotels and resorts in Aswan. You can stay there right next to the “Masala” archaeological area.

4: Aga Khan Mausoleum

Aga Khan Mausoleum is one of the best tourist places in aswan

You can see it in Aswan, a city that people come from worldwide to see. On top of a hill, it was built. If you go to the top and look down on the Nile and Aswan, you’ll see more.

A semi-circular staircase adds to the beauty of the mausoleum. Red carpets cover the entire building, and people who visit the shrine must stay calm by the rules of the place.

You can take souvenir photos inside the shrine, take pictures of the Nile and Aswan, and go on small boat trips. You can also stay at one of the best hotels in Aswan near the shrine, the Helnan Hotel.

3: Temple of Kom Ombo

Temple of Kom Ombo is one of the top things to see in Aswan

The building of one of the most prominent temples distinguishes Aswan, notably the Temple of Kom Ombo. Which is linked with it, started in 47 BC.

Because it was devoted in part to the falcon and crocodile gods, so All of the walls are painted and etched with inscriptions from that era.

You can do these things while you’re there: Wandering around inside the temple and learning about the details of this time. Take pictures of the columns that are a part of a vast architectural masterpiece. In the temple, some drawings tell stories about what happened there and how the gods lived. There are also ferry trips on the Nile River. And you can eat snacks on a warm evening with many people around.

2: Philae

Philae is one of the top places to visit in Aswan

Philae It is one of the oldest and most well-known Places to visit in Aswan. UNESCO moved it to keep it from getting wet from the water in the reservoir. They also made many changes to the temple to re-open it in 1980 AD.

Every model that went through Egypt over the years gave the temple its unique touch, allowing you to journey through time with it.

You can do things while there: Take memorial photos in all the temple corners. Visit the temple of Isis, look at and photograph the decorations and inscriptions on the walls, and admire their shapes.

1: Aswan Museum

Aswan Museum is one of the best places to visit in Aswan

The Aswan Museum has a vast collection of Nubian artifacts, is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Aswan. Every period adds new areas, such as a collection of kitchenware, mummies, art, and antiquities. There was also a whole section aside for the mummies, their coffins, and things.

Take pictures and go on a cruise while you’re in the city. Take a look at the statues, carvings, and other things. Then, go to the manuscript halls and learn about the different times and how things were different.

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