Top 10 Types of Chocolate

Chocolate tastes great and is a magical world that adults, children, and babies love. It makes people feel good and happy all day long. And this is why many people eat it every day and can’t live without it. So, let’s learn about the most popular types of chocolate by

Benefits of eating chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite among many people and is also suitable for you in many ways. So to get the most out of chocolate’s many benefits, it’s best to eat it often and in reasonable amounts. The following are some of these benefits:

  • Chocolate has many things that the body needs and can’t live without, such as (zinc, phosphorous, and potassium).
  • When you eat 100 grams of chocolate, you get 85 percent of your daily value of magnesium, 67 percent of your daily value of iron, and 89 percent of your daily value of copper.
  • Chocolate has antioxidants, so eating chocolate is an excellent way to boost the body’s immune system.
  • Because chocolate is high in iron, it can help treat anemia and a drop in the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Chocolate has essential ingredients that help protect against some eye diseases.
  • Eating chocolate is good for your skin because it stops wrinkles and other signs of aging from showing up and gives your skin a fresh, healthy look.
  • Chocolate has a lot of minerals and proteins that are good for your hair and keep it from getting broken or damaged.
  • Chocolate improves mood because it makes you feel happy, energized, and busy all day. If you have anxiety or stress, all you have to do is eat chocolate. After a short time, you will see how it makes you feel.
  • Studies have shown that eating chocolate can help people with bad memories or who are getting older remember things better.

Best types of chocolate

There are wide distinct varieties and forms of chocolate that you may purchase. The most desirable examples of these types of chocolate are:

10: Corona Chocolate

Corona Chocolate

A Greek founded the Royal Chocolate Production Company in Ismailia in 1919 and created the first batch of Corona chocolate there.

The Middle East was introduced to chocolate for the first time via the brand Corona. And after too many countries in the world.

9: KitKat chocolate


In 1935, the English Rowntree factory was the first place to make Kit Kat chocolate. Kit Kat chocolate is one of the most popular kinds of chocolate and its products. Like Kit Kat, white chocolate has been made over the years.

Kitkat chocolate comes in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. It’s biscuit sticks with chocolate.

8: Mars Chocolate

Mars Chocolate

Mars Chocolate was for the first time in England in 1932. Many people like Mars Chocolate because of its unique taste, consisting of layers of caramel, honey, and tasty chocolate with almond butter.

One of the best things about Mars Chocolates is its unique design and cover.

7: Galaxy Chocolate

Galaxy Chocolate

The Mars United Chocolate Company makes Galaxy Chocolate, an English chocolate. Galaxy chocolate comes in different shapes and is either a cookie in chocolate or cookie chips full of nuts.

In addition, Galaxy chocolate has become very popular in the Middle East. One of the best kinds of chocolate in many countries is Galaxy chocolate.

6: Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate

The English company Joe Cadbury made the first Cadbury chocolate in 1824. Most people agree that Cadbury chocolate is one of the best.

So Cadbury chocolate is one of the most popular kinds of chocolate in Britain, and it’s known for being cheap enough for everyone to buy.

5: Guylian Chocolate

Guylian Chocolate

In 1960, Belgium was the first place to make Guylian chocolate. So it makes chocolate in many different shapes.

It is one of the most popular kinds of chocolate and has quickly spread to many countries. It can be eaten in many different ways and used to decorate sweets.

4: Toblerone Chocolate

Toblerone Chocolate

In 1908, Switzerland was the first place to make Toblerone chocolate. Toblerone chocolate is one of a kind because it has a unique flavor. It is shaped like a pyramid and comes in elegant packaging.

This chocolate comes in many different flavors, such as (white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate). You can also have a piece of this chocolate with a cup of coffee.

3: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher

The Italian company Ferrero made the first Ferrero Rocher chocolate in 1981.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate tastes excellent because it has a layer of wafer covered with chocolate, hazelnut, and pistachio.

It is the kind of chocolate that sells the most worldwide.

2: Ghirardelli Chocolate


The USA is where Ghirardelli chocolate is. It is also one of the top types of chocolate because it has a unique shape and tastes great.

It’s good with caramel and chocolate inside.

1: Patchi Chocolate

Patchi Chocolate

In 1974, Lebanon was the first place to make Patchi chocolate. Patchi chocolate is one of the top kinds of chocolate. Some are plain, and others have fruits or nuts inside.

In addition, Patchi chocolate is also known for its high quality and unique taste.

Follow these steps to make Patchi chocolate:

  • First, put the small pieces of chocolate in a bowl.
  • Next, place the bowl in a pan of water and heat it slowly until the chocolate melts.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of cocoa, a quarter cup of peanut butter, and a half cup of milk.
  • Add half a cup of crushed biscuits to the mixture and mix until all the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  • Put the mixture in a chocolate mold, and then pour the melted chocolate over the mixture until it is completely covered.
  • Leave the chocolate molds in the fridge until the chocolate is excellent, and you’ll have the best and tastiest chocolate.

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