Top 10 Types of Greek Yogurt

Best Healthiest Types of Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has a great and unique taste because it is both sweet and savory at the same time. It also helps treat digestive problems and build muscle because it contains good nutrients like probiotics, healthy fats, proteins, and other things. So, in the following few lines, we’ll tell you about the Healthiest types of Greek yogurt by

10: Brown Cow Non-Fat Greek Plain

Brown Cow Non Fat Greek Plain

Cancer risk goes down if you eat soft cow’s brown yogurt in the future. It has a lot of vitamin A, which helps the body fight off free radicals and stop cancer cells from growing.

In addition, it strengthens muscles and makes them healthier because it has a lot of protein, which keeps muscles healthy.

It can help get rid of insomnia and help you sleep because it has potassium, magnesium, and calcium. And all of which help eliminate sleep problems.

9: Wallaby Greek Yogurt

Wallaby Greek Yogurt

This Greek yogurt is one of the best Healthiest types of yogurts, even though it only has 2% fat and is, therefore, low in fat.

Stephanie Middleberg, a health and fitness center in New York called the Middleberg Diet. It also says to avoid fat-free yogurt and buy low-fat or full-fat yogurt instead.

Stephanie said that this is because these dairy products have a lot of nutrients and healthy fats that help the body absorb vitamins like A, K, E, and D.

8: Activia Greek Vanilia

Activia Vanilia

There are many benefits to Activia Greek yogurt, such as:

  • It helps lower blood pressure because it contains calcium, potassium, and probiotics, all of which help keep blood pressure in check.
  • People with high blood pressure should eat one cup of this yogurt daily.
  • It helps the digestive system work better because it has probiotics, which improve bowel movements and other essential digestive functions.
  • And it helps build and strengthen bones because it is high in calcium, which is essential for building and maintaining bones.
  • It also protects bones from becoming weak and breaking because bones need calcium to develop and grow.

7: Dannon light & fi

Dannon light & fi

The Greek yogurt from Danone speeds up your metabolism and makes it work better. But also, it’s important to remember that it’s not enough. You will help if you need a healthy, balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Also, there are probiotics, which are good bacteria that balance the bacteria in the intestine. Probiotics can also help your mind feel better and reduce stress, making your stomach feel good.

6: Juhayna Greek Yogurt

Juhayna Greek Yogurt

Juhayna Greek yogurt stands out because it has a lot of protein. There are four different kinds of fat in it, so the amount of fat in it is higher.

This yogurt is made with natural ingredients and is gluten-free. It gives the body 30% of the protein it can eat daily.

Juhayna has more than one kind of Greek yogurt, like fat-free, plain, and “balanced.” It also comes in different flavors, such as strawberry, peach, French vanilla, and mixed berries.

5: Yopolis greek yogurt

Yopolis greek yogurt

Due to the probiotics in its ingredients, Yopolis yogurt helps keep the nervous system in good shape.

It makes a person feel better and less stressed and anxious. It also helps cut down sodium in the body, which can cause fluid retention.

4: Nada Greek

Nada Greek

Because it has Vitamin A, D, and Calcium, Nada full-fat Greek yogurt is an excellent choice for a snack between meals.

Because of this, it can be part of many different diets, such as low-calorie, keto, and low-carb diets, and you can find it in all systems.

This yogurt has many good things, like natural cow’s milk (fresh whole milk), milk protein, milk cream, 8% fat, and 12% solids that aren’t fat.

3: Almarai Greek


Almarai Saudi Company sells various dairy products, including Almarai, a well-known type of Greek yogurt that is low in sugar and carbohydrates and has a high concentration and protein content.

This yogurt has a lot of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D3, which is one of its benefits.

And it has about 135 calories per 100 grams of yogurt. Almarai has different flavors, such as strawberry and raspberry.

2: Nadec Greek

Nadec Greek

The Saudi agricultural company Nadec makes 100% cow’s milk, Greek yogurt, fresh cream, and milk solids. Greek yogurt from Nadec has a lot of calcium, not much sugar or carbs, and vitamins A and D3.

Saudi Nadec has three kinds of Nadec Greek yogurt. Nadec Plain has 120 calories per 100 grams and no more than 8% fat. Nadec Strawberry and Nadec Mixed Berry each have 135 calories per 100 grams and no more than 6% fat.

1: Chobani


This kind of Greek yogurt is good for you because it has a lot of good nutrients and vitamins, like calcium, proteins, probiotics, iodine, and vitamin B12. It is why it is essential and suitable for people, and here are some of its benefits:

  • Because it has a lot of calcium and protein, it helps to strengthen bones and improve their health. So calcium is essential for strong bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. Protein is also vital for keeping bones healthy.
  • Chobani yogurt has a lot of protein, which makes you feel full and stops you from feeling hungry for a long time.

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