Top 10 Alexandria Beaches

Many people choose Alexandria as their first summer vacation spot. In this article, we’ll tell you about the ten best beaches in Alexandria and how much they cost when traveling to Egypt with a lovely beach by

There are more than 66 beaches in the Mediterranean bride, sung by Fairuz and written about in Egyptian and international books.

It is suitable for having a charming atmosphere, being lively, and having all services right by the sea. Because of this, it is the first choice for vacationers from all walks of life. And whether they live in the city or nearby cities.

There are public beaches that are free to use, beaches that offer service to people who ask for it, and tourist beaches. All of Alexandria’s beaches are reasonably priced, though.

Best Alexandria Beaches

If you like swimming on the beach, We tried to list the best beaches in Alexandria, Egypt. And how much they cost based on how close they are to services, how beautiful they are, and how clean the water is.

Most of Alexandria’s beaches are in the city’s center and east. Most of the beaches in Bahri and western Alexandria are not safe for swimming. Either because the water is dirty or because the beaches themselves are dangerous.

Suppose you want to go to Alexandria this summer to enjoy the sea. Please read this article to learn about the ten best beaches and how much they cost.

10: Miyami Beach

Miyami Beach

Miyami Beach is suitable for being in the lively neighborhood of Sidi Bishr. This area is full of markets like Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Street and close to tourist spots like Montazah Gardens. The beach has become very popular, especially among tourists who don’t stay in Alexandria.

The water at the beach is a beautiful dark blue, and a few small boats can take you on a cruise. There is no cost to get in.

9: Beach E3lmandra Alexandria

Beach E3lmandra Alexandria

E3lmandra beach is in the east of the city, close to Al-Montazah and Al-Mamoura beaches, where the water is almost as clean as it is at Mandara. Because of its size, this beach is one of the best in Alexandria. It is on a 230-meter-long piece of land.

The beach is also in the lively neighborhood of Mandara, which is close to all of Alexandria’s main streets, like the sea and Abu Qir. And also there is no cost to get in.

8: El Porifaj

El Porifaj

El Porifaj, whose name was recently changed to Dubai Beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Alexandria, Egypt, and it looks like a better future is on the way. Beach comes from the French word plage, which means “beautiful beach.”

It got a new name after Dubai Tourism rented it to do some building work. Even though the governorate was building a bridge right in front of the beach, it was clear that it would not change the beach area significantly.

It stands out because it is in the busy area of Sidi Bishr and close to the busy streets of the site. And a ticket to get in costs 25 pounds.

7: Bianchi beach


Bianchi was once a resort for artists. Even though the place isn’t as popular or exciting as it used to be, it still has beauty, peace, clean water, and wildness.

The beach is in the Agami neighborhood, west of Alexandria and away from the city center. There are no rocks or other obstacles on the beach.

So, if you want to get away from the main street and enjoy the sea right before you, it would help if you went to Bianchi, where the water and the chalets are behind you.

But if you can’t swim well, you shouldn’t go to the beach and go deep into the water. The cost to get in is 10 pounds. And some beaches are only open to people who live in the Bianchi area.

6: Keluobatra Beach

Keluobatra is one of the best beaches in alexandria egypt

Keluobatra Beach is not a good place to swim. But if you love the sea and fishing, you shouldn’t miss it. The beach is located in the center of Alexandria, close to Ibrahimia and Sidi Gaber. There are a lot of rocks on the beach, and it’s easy to get down to them.

These rocks that stick out from the beach are unbeatable places to fish or get close to the water to calm down and relax.

You can also hang out with friends and bring food from a nearby restaurant. And eat it on the rocks right in front of the beach.

There are a lot of unique cafes near the beach. And there is no cost to get in.

5: Glime Alexandria Beach

Glime Alexandria Beach

Glime Beach has many rocks, allowing you to sit right next to the water. There are also small fishing boats and a lot of gulls flying around.

So, the beach is one of the most beautiful Beaches in Alexandria, Egypt. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view, take it easy for a while.

You can also fish on the beach, using the rocks to your advantage, or swim there since it is very safe to use the stones to break the waves.

There are many restaurants and cafes of different prices near the beach. There is no cost to get in.

4: Montazah Beach

Montazah Beach

Al Montazah Beach is close to the famous Al Montazah Historic Gardens. And This puts it in a good spot and makes it a place where people go to have fun and see beautiful things.

The beach is east of Alexandria, where there are no rocks and no breaks in the water. So you can see as far as the eye can see and breathe in the fresh air.

The beach is also known for its clear water, soft sand, and cabins that you can rent to spend a day or several days relaxing and recharging your energy. And also a ticket to get in costs 25 pounds.

3: El Mamurah Beach

El Mamurah

What makes El Mamurah Private Beach stand out is how private it is. There is a gate that separates it from the other beaches.

In addition to the clean water, it has a private Corniche area with a beautiful engineering design, a large garden, and a wonderful walkway where you can walk or ride a bike.

El Mamurah is close to a tourist village, so it has chalets with a view of the sea, restaurants, cafes, and many open green spaces. A ticket to get in costs 85 EGP.

2: Stanli Beach

Stanli is one of the most beaches in alexandria egypt

Stanley Bridge is a well-known landmark in Alexandria, and many people think of it as one of the most important images of the city. At the very bottom of that bridge is Stanli Beach.

The beach is suitable in the middle of Alexandria, and its clear water and fine sand make it stand out. It is also surrounded by several cabins with direct sea views, giving the area a unique elegance.

There are also several cafes and restaurants along the beach, and it is safe to swim in the water; a ticket to get in costs 25 pounds.

1: San Dtephano Alexandria Beach

San Dtephano is one of the best beaches in alexandria egypt

As soon as you step onto San Dtephano Beach, you’ll feel like you’re in a North Coast village. It is known for having clear water and is not right on the main street. There are also several paths inside the water that makes for a nice walk.

Chalets are also considered one of the safest beaches to swim at because the corridors around them keep the waves from getting too big.

The beach also has a place for kids to play, so if you want to see the North Coast villages in the middle of Alexandria, you should go to San Dtephano Beach. A ticket to get in costs 150 pounds.

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