Top 10 Seafood Restaurants In Alexandria

Best seafood restaurants in Alexandria

Visitors to Alexandria often have a hard time finding good restaurants. So we took you on a tour of the ten best seafood restaurants in Alexandria. To show you where to eat the best fish.

Visitors can choose what they want at Alexandria restaurants. Then have it cooked and served to them in front of the sea to enjoy the food and the scenery while they eat and drink. It is what makes Alexandria restaurants unique.

Also, Alexandria has its way of cooking fish, even though You can find it in other parts of Egypt. Sinjari fish, for example, and Sayadiyah rice, which is served with fish, are both from Alexandria.

Please read the article below with our website to learn about Alexandria’s best ten fish restaurants.

10: Normandy 3

Normandy 3

It is in our top ten list of the finest seafood restaurants in Alexandria. People who like fish should go to Normandy Restaurant 3, which has a lot of references to the fish. You can see this in its decor and even its bags. The restaurant doesn’t charge extra for service or tax on the bill, and the food is excellent, and the prices are correct.

So the majority of tourists comment on the pleasant interview and treatment of the Restaurant’s employees and the quick preparation of meals. In addition, One thing that makes the eatery unique is that it serves penguin casserole and herring on the menu.

9: white and blue Restaurant

white and blue restaurant

In Alexandria, the white and blue Restaurant isn’t just one of the best places to get seafood. It’s also a place with a lot of history and is one of the best places to show off Alexandria. As far back as the early twentieth century, it was set up by people from the Greek community in Alexandria. It is the world’s first club for water sports.

The club has a beautiful view of the Citadel of Qaitbay on the sea and a Greek-themed atmosphere and decorations. As soon as you enter, you feel like you’ve moved to Greece right away. Before you go to a restaurant, make sure to make a reservation. It is essential on weekends and holidays when there are more people.

8: Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant

Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant

Even though it just opened a few years ago, the Al Marsa restaurant is widely regarded as one of Alexandria’s top seafood restaurants.

The quality of the cuisine, the presentation of the food, the décor, the service, and the welcoming atmosphere are all characteristics of the Restaurant.

7: Farag Fish Restaurant

Farag Fish Restaurant

Farag Fish Restaurant in Alexandria is one of the city’s oldest eateries. Mansheya, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, in 1970. With the motto “the owner of phosphorus and happiness,” the Restaurant aims to entice diners with the promise of a mouthwatering experience with a variety of fish preparations.

Most people who go to the Restaurant say that the fish is very fresh and that the service is good. The restaurant distinguishes itself by presenting a fish cake, which can prepare with any fish and any combination of the customer’s choosing components.

6: Ibn Hamido

Ibn Hamido

Ibn Hamido Restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Alexandria. It has a beautiful view of the sea and elegant decor, and many people who visit the city want to eat there and enjoy the food and service. Like other restaurants on the menu, this one serves fresh fish. The rates may be a touch excessive, but the cuisine is excellent in this Restaurant.

In addition, many people who go to the Restaurant say that the service and reception are excellent. The Restaurant is known for its Ibn Hamido Shellfish and shrimp butterfly.

5: Fishmarket Alexandria

Fishmarket Alexandria  is one of the best fish market Alexandria

So, of course, you’ve heard about the Fishmarket restaurant in Alexandria before. You may not have known that this restaurant is part of the Americana Group, and it was the group’s first seafood restaurant to open in 1990.

Because the restaurant has a lot of beautiful views and elegant decor, we don’t need to talk about how good the food is, either. When you go to an Americana restaurant, you can see that it cares about quality and freshness in everything it has to offer.

4: Sea Gull Restaurant

Sea Gull Restaurant is one of the fish restaurants in Alexandria

In Alexandria, the Sea Gull Restaurant is one of the best places to eat fish. Even though it’s a bit outside of the city center, it’s in Al Max. It’s worth going to see.

The restaurant has beautiful and different views. The sea in the west of Alexandria doesn’t have water breaks or rocks that slow down the waves. There is an area where people can eat outside right next to the sea in the restaurant. All the people who go there say that the place is spotless and that the food is delicious.

3: Arous Elbahr

Arous Elbahr is one of the Best seafood restaurants in Alexandria

If you want to eat at the Arous Elbahr Restaurant in Old Alexandria, you can go to Marsa Abu al-Abbas or the fish Market. The fish served here is very fresh, which the restaurant emphasizes.

They are known as the “kings of fish” because they know how to make the best seafood dishes, and the restaurant is known for its low prices.

2: Zephere Restaurant

Zephere Restaurant is one of the Best seafood restaurants in Alexandria

One of the best views of the waves and seagulls is Zephere Restaurant in Alexandria, Egypt. So It is the oldest fish restaurant in the Al-Max area and one of the oldest fish restaurants in Alexandria. It was opened in 1918 by a Greek man, and the restaurant still stands in the same place and has the same design as when it was opened.

People who go to the restaurant like how big the place is and its halls look out to the sea. It is on a small tongue of land that looks like it is in the middle of the ocean.

1: Balbaa village for grills

Balbaa village for grills is one of the Best seafood restaurants in Alexandria

If you’re in the Balbaa village for grills, the slogan is “the authentic taste experience.” Balbaa is one of the best places to barbecue in Alexandria, but its seafood makes it one of the best Best seafood restaurants in Alexandria.

Even though Balbaa village comprises tourists, you won’t have to worry about overcrowding or making reservations. All of the people who have been to the place have talked about how quickly they can apply, how clean it is, and how friendly the staff is.

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