Top 10 Alexandria Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria tourist attractions You must visit some of them when traveling to Egypt. After Cairo, Alexandria is Egypt’s most important city. The capital of Egypt from its foundation by Alexander the Great in 332 BC until its surrender to Arab troops headed by Amr ibn al-Aas in 642, when it was once one of the largest towns in the Mediterranean world and a hub for Greek studies and sciences.

Alexandria is Egypt’s biggest city and its main seaport and industrial hub. The city lies approximately 114 miles (183 kilometers) northwest of Cairo in Lower Egypt, on the Mediterranean Sea near the western end of the Nile River delta. The city has a total size of 116 square miles (300 square kilometers). Four million one hundred ten thousand fifteen people lived in the town in 2006. Today’s essay will discuss Alexandria’s top ten tourist attractions by our website

10: Library of Alexandria

Library of Alexandria

The Alexandria Library is the most well-known library in history, and it has been around since antiquity. Visitors travel from all over the globe to see this attraction. Because it serves as Egypt’s “window to the rest of the globe.” The Alexandria Library serves as Egypt’s gateway to the rest of the world. The Establishment is also known as a leader in the digital age. And where people can learn, talk, and understand each other.

9: Alexandria National Museum

Alexandria National Museum

The Alexandria National Museum used to be the home of a wood merchant named Asaad Pasha. Because of this, it is one of the most popular places in the Alexandria Governorate. It’s one of the Alexandria tourist attractions, Where the Museum has about 1,800 artifacts on show.

During the Pharaonic and Ptolemaic dynasty eras, Alexandria was a significant city. Then came the Roman and Byzantine, and Islamic eras, as well as today’s generation when Muhammad Ali Pasha’s family was in charge. When the revolution happened on July 23, 1952, it ended. It makes it one of the top tourist places in Alexandria.

8: Royal Jewellery Museum

Royal Jewellery Museum

Alexandria’s Zezenia district is very classy, and the Royal Jewellery Museum is in this area. The neoclassical architecture in this area is an essential part of Egypt’s history. Zainab Fahmy, the wife of Muhammad Ali, built the palace as a summer home for her family. The Museum is housed in the court, which is very fancy.

That didn’t happen right away. When Zeinab Fahmy passed away, she left the palace to Princess Fatima al-Zahra’s daughter. She added an eastern wing connected to the rest of the building by her uncle’s corridor, an Italian architect who also designed the Sidi Gaber train station in Alexandria, Egypt.

7: Alexandria Aquarium

Alexandria Aquarium

The Aquarium in Alexandria is next to the Qaitbay Citadel on the eastern part of the city of Alexandria in the Anfoushi Bay, which is where the city of Alexandria is.

As a result, an international assembly of specialists met in July 2006 to examine the viability of constructing an underwater museum in this unique setting. So was laid the Museum’s foundation in 1930.

On the other hand, the Museum has rare fish, crabs, turtles, and features of Egyptian marine life from the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

Freshwater fish from the Nile River and the Amazon are also on show. A form of “aquarium” with underwater “tubes” reaching down to the vast clear seas of Alexandria to enable people to witness archaeologists’ underwater works is an example of this type of structure. Of the aquatic cultural treasures via educational and training activities.

6: Alexandria Zoo

Alexandria Zoo

The Alexandria Zoo is one of the top ten Alexandria tourist attractions. Thousands of visitors from all governorates of Egypt come to the futuristic contemporary park structures built by the Egyptian government in 1958. They come to appreciate the animals and to feed them.

5: Citadel of Qaitbay

Citadel of Qaitbay

Constructed The castle in a square 150 m x 130 m, bordered on three sides by the sea; it stands out for this reason.

You can see some walls and a giant tower on this side of the castle. The walls are divided into the inside, outside, and inside and out. They had soldiers’ quarters inside the walls, and defensive towers were on all four sides of the exterior walls. Except for the eastern border, which has defensive apertures for troops, these towers are the same height as the walls.

4: Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace

The Montazah Palace, built in the 19th century, is one of the top 10 Alexandria tourist attractions. The lush gardens around the palace are a popular place for people to picnic. Another thing that makes it unique is a weird Victorian bridge that crosses over a small island of towers.

Overall, Montazah Palace is an excellent place to get away from the city’s center. Thus, there are many restaurants and picnic areas in this area, and the second royal residence, Salamlek, has been turned into a high-end hotel. It is why this area has so many restaurants and picnic areas.

3: Greco-Roman Museum

Greco-Roman Museum

On Freedom Road in 1892, the first Museum was built as a small building with only a few rooms. It is where it was until 1895. The Museum moved to where it is now, near Gamal Abdel Nasser Road.

It had eleven showrooms when it first opened, but it kept getting more extensive as it underwent renovations. It was the 25th gallery. The Museum opened in 1984. And has a lot of coins from a lot of different countries. They are arranged in chronological order, from 630 BC to the Ottoman era in the 19th century.

The collection, which dates from the third century BC to the seventh century AD, is an excellent record of how society and religions changed.

2: Ancient Roman Theatre

Ancient Roman Theatre

Following Alexander the Great’s rule, Alexandria has become the epicenter of Roman culture and ancient Roman monuments, with numerous Roman structures and artifacts, such as the Roman amphitheater, still standing. The Roman theater is one of Alexandria’s top ten tourist attractions, with hundreds of priceless antiques.

The magnificent Roman theater features marble seats for up to eight hundred people, a front courtyard with two pieces of mosaic pavement, and galleries reserved for commoners.

Thirteen halls on the north side of the theater hall may have been part of the ancient University of Alexandria, which had a five-thousand-student yearly enrolment.

1: Serapeum and Pompey’s Pillar

Serapeum and Pompey's Pillar

The Serapeum and Pompey’s Pillar is one of Alexandria‘s most important and top 10 places to visit. He made a sign of thanks by putting up a pole. Where there was a big fight in the city. Emperor Diocletian himself came, and he ordered the city to be taken over by the army’s troops. After eight months of fighting, the city finally agreed to let go. Siege caused famine in the city. The Emperor told people not to pay taxes in these troubled times. So, in Alexandria, they built a monument to him in his honor.

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