Top 10 Sushi Restaurants In Cairo

One of the most popular Asian foods in Egypt is sushi. Suppose you like sushi or want to try it for the first time. There are many sushi restaurants in Cairo and its surrounding areas. And if you want to try Asian food with its unique blend of spices. You only need to read the following few lines to learn about the ten best sushi restaurants in Cairo and decide which one is right for you by

Best sushi restaurants in Cairo

The best sushi restaurants in Cairo are those that serve the famous Japanese dish and have a lot of fans. Sushi isn’t just raw fish, as some think, but comes in many different forms, including rice. There are Makizushi, Yamaki sushi, and other types, and these restaurants also serve other kinds of seafood you can’t find elsewhere.

10: ‪Saigon Restaurant & Lounge

‪Saigon Restaurant & Lounge

A novel approach to sushi is present at the ‪Saigon Restaurant & Lounge inside the Fairmont Nile City. In addition, there is a comprehensive selection of Vietnamese dishes available here.

Simple Asian elements and decor have been helping the restaurant’s design to create an atmosphere distinct from other eating establishments. You can also see the Nile via the restaurant’s windows, which face that river.

Regarding timing, the restaurant is open from 6 pm till 1 am. Corniche El Nil, Fairmont Nile City Hotel is where you want to be if you wish for this food.

9: Kazoku Restaurant

Kazoku Restaurant is one of the sushi restaurants in new Cairo

One of the most well-known Japanese restaurants in New Cairo is Kazoko Restaurant. The restaurant serves Japanese and other Asian dishes, but sushi is what most people come to eat there.

Prices at restaurants range between 15 and 30 dollars. The restaurant is cozy and has a beautiful interior where you and your family or friends can have a good time.

The restaurant has free Wi-Fi and places to sit both inside and outside. Also, the restaurant is open from 2:00 pm to 12:00 am. You can find it in Naguib Mahfouz Axis, New Cairo.

8: Shogun Japanese Restaurant

Shogun Japanese Restaurant

It is widely acknowledged that Shogun Restaurant is one of the most famous and prestigious Asian restaurants in Cairo due to the quality of the cuisine preparation.

Sushi, Chinese cuisine, and other types of Asian cuisine are all available at Shogun Restaurant. The menu of the restaurant may accommodate vegans.

Gluten-free options are available at Shogun Restaurant. It is also possible for guests to enter the establishment while using wheelchairs.

The timing is every day from four in the afternoon to eleven at night. You can find it in the City Stars on Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street in Nasr City.

7: Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

It is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Cairo and one of the top ten sushi places. The restaurant gives its customers a live cooking experience.

The fresh sushi and teppanyaki menu at Sapporo Restaurant are also well-known. In Sapporo, you must wear formal or intelligent casual clothes to eat out. At Sapporo Restaurant, prices range from 15 USD to 65 USD.

When: Every day from 6 pm to 12 am. And you can find it inside the Sheraton Cairo Hotel in the Dokki neighborhood.

6: Sushiramis


A Japanese restaurant also offers food from other Asian countries is Sushiramis. Also, it provides a wide selection of Japanese cuisine, including various sushi and other Asian delicacies.

Additionally, the restaurant is acceptable for those who follow a vegetarian diet. Prices start at 20 USD and go up to 95 USD. Additionally, gluten-free options are available at the restaurant.

Times are as follows: every day, beginning at one in the afternoon and continuing until nine in the evening. And you find it in Corniche El Nil, next to the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo.

5: Ginger Restaurant

Ginger Restaurant is one of the japanese restaurant Cairo

Ginger Restaurant is one of the top places to eat sushi. Many Japanese, Peruvian, sushi, and Asian dishes are on the menu.

You can also find traditional Malaysian food and Thai food at the place. In addition, there is also parking at the restaurant.

The store is open from noon to 1 am, and deliveries are made from 10 am to midnight. The address is Mohamed Naguib Axis, New Cairo, Riverwalk Mall.

4: Fuego – Grill and Sushi bar

Fuego - Grill and Sushi bar

It is considered one of the best sushi places in Cairo. The restaurant serves many different kinds of food, such as Japanese, sushi, Asian, and barbecue.

The restaurant will bring your food, take it away, or park your car. Fuego Restaurant has different kinds of sushi so that everyone can enjoy it.

When: Every day from noon to midnight. And the address is Palestine Street, inside Maadi’s Bandar Mall.

3: Mori Sushi

Mori Sushi

Mori Sushi Restaurant is one of Egypt’s oldest places to get sushi. The restaurant serves many different kinds of Asian food.

In addition, Mori Sushi Restaurant also has many locations in Cairo. Compared to other sushi places, its prices are simple.

When: from 11 am to midnight. And you can find this restaurant at Tivoli Dome 70 Almaza Square, Heliopolis.

2: Arigato Sushi

Arigato Sushi is one of the best sushi in Cairo

The Arigato Restaurant is one of the country’s finest sushi dining establishments. The restaurant also specializes in Japanese and Asian cuisine in addition to Italian.

Customers may request customized diets to be prepared for them at the restaurant. Additionally, it is appropriate for vegans to consume.

Timings are as follows: midday to one in the morning and midnight to one in the middle of the night. And you can find it in front of the Waterway in North Plus Mall.

1: The Smokery

The Smokery is one of the best sushi restaurants in Cairo

Known as one of the most prestigious and well-known restaurants in Egypt, this establishment specializes in offering sushi.

In addition, it has an extensive menu, with options ranging from French and international cuisine to sushi and Asian cuisine.

In addition to that, The Smokery Restaurant caters to guests who need particular diets. The pricing of the smoker’s sushi varies.

There is a welcoming environment for vegetarians. Additionally, it offers gluten-free items. There are three locations of the restaurant in the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

The hours of operation are as follows: every day from noon to midnight. And you can find this restaurant in Katameya Heights, in the New Cairo district.

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