Top 10 Cheap Tourist Countries in Europe

Europe is a popular cheapest tourist destination because it has many different naturals, historical, and marketing attractions. Some people think that travel is expensive and only for the rich. Still, this article will show you places and travel destinations in Europe that fit all budgets and introduce you to the top ten cheap European tourist countries that anyone can visit by

Best cheap tourist countries in Europe

There is something for everyone and every budget in Europe’s top cheapest tourist places. People often think that Europe is only for the rich. Still, this article will show you the countries you can visit on the most affordable budget with natural, historical shopping. And beach attractions that are unique and amazing.

10: Denmark


Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe that is the least expensive. Stay away from Denmark in the summer and spring if you want to save money on your trip there.

Also, prices for hotels and flights are 40% lower in September and November. You can save much money in Denmark by eating breakfast at a bakery instead of a hotel or restaurant.

Danes often eat Smrrebrd sandwiches for lunch, which you can buy at most bakeries. Not only that, but many of Denmark’s most popular tourist spots are free or very cheap.

9: Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country in the southeast of Europe and one of the best places and cheapest tourist destinations. Because more people are coming from nearby countries to enjoy the Black Sea in the summer, it’s best to avoid going to Bulgaria then.

Bulgaria is a better place to visit during the rest of the year because it is cheaper to stay, eat, and see tourist sites. A trip to the capital, Sofia, which has a Byzantine feel, is a magical and unforgettable experience.

In Bulgaria, tourists can also visit historical places like Magura Cave, Boyana Church, and the old city of Nessebar. Since there are a lot of Muslims living in Bulgaria, there are also a lot of restaurants that serve halal food at reasonable prices.

8: Belgium


The country of Belgium is in Western Europe. In the summer, the weather in Belgium is mild, and in the winter, it can get as cold as 7 degrees.

Also, it would help if you didn’t go to Belgium in the summer, especially between July and August. Prices are much lower in September, October, April, and June, which are the best months to visit Belgium.

Belgium is one of the best cheap tourist countries in Europe. Brussels, the country’s capital, is the greenest city in the world and has a lot of historical and tourist sites.

7: Hungary


Hungary is in the middle of Europe but has no ports on the sea. The weather in Hungary is continental, so the winters are cold and dry, and the summers are hot.

Also, the best times to go to Hungary are in the fall and spring, when hotels and plane tickets are less expensive. But if you like snowboarding, the winter in Hungary is a great time to do it.

Hungary has hotels and tourist services for all tastes and budgets. And also, Hungary is a popular place for tourists worldwide because of its beautiful scenery.

6: Slovenia


Slovenia is a country in the middle of Europe, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Alps and the Mediterranean give Slovenia a wide range of weather, so it’s one of the cheapest tourist places destinations in Europe.

It’s also best to go to Slovenia in the fall and spring, but the summer isn’t too bad either, and prices aren’t as high as in the rest of Central Europe.

Going to Slovenia in the winter is not a good idea because the Alps are crowded with skiers. Slovenia is also known for having some of the world’s best tourism and hotel services.

Slovenia has a lot of unique natural attractions and sites from the Middle Ages. And Slovenia also has a lot of places to eat that serve the best food.

5: Romania


Romania is in southeastern Europe. It is on the Balkan Peninsula. It’s hard to say when is the best time to go to Romania because it depends on what you want to do there.

Romania is one of the best places to visit in Europe and the world because it is so beautiful. Tourism services are also different, with high-quality hotels and a well-developed network of ways to get around.

Bucharest has a lot to see and do for tourists. Tourists can also go to old cities built in the Roman style. Romania has a lot of well-known shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels that are known all over the world.

4: Albania


Albania is a country in southeastern Europe. It is one of the Balkan countries. Albania is also a tiny country, but its weather differs from place to place.

Albania is not a good place to visit in the summer because its beaches are full of tourists and hotel prices are high. Fall is the best time to go to Albania because the weather is excellent and the prices are much lower.

Spring is an excellent time to visit Albania because the weather gets warmer and there are festivals with sweets and food.

Albania’s beaches on the Mediterranean are so beautiful that people come from all over the world to visit them. There are also many places where people from the Roman, Greek, and Byzantine times left things behind.

3: Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the cheapest tourist places in europe

The Czech Republic is in Central Europe. It has no coasts. The Czech Republic is one of the best places to visit in Europe and the rest of the world, and 50 million people do so yearly.

During the season, many people visit the Czech Republic, which increases the prices of hotels and other places to stay.

The Czech Republic is less crowded and cheaper in the fall and spring, and the weather is mild enough for hiking and tourism. So the Czech Republic is also one of Europe’s top cheap tourist countries.

The Czech Republic is known for its unique historical sites from the Middle Ages and high-quality medical tourism.

A network of roads and transportation in the Czech Republic makes it easy for tourists to get around and see all the sights.

2: Georgia

Georgia is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in europe

Georgia is one of the countries that share a border with the Caucasus. The prices of hotels and other places to stay in Georgia go up a lot in the summer, especially in the beach resorts along the Mediterranean.

The best times to go to Georgia are in the spring and fall when the weather is nice and prices are low. Georgia is also known for its beautiful nature, exciting tourist spots, beaches on the Black Sea, and ancient caves.

Georgia also has a lot of old towns from the Middle Ages that are unique tourist destinations.

Also, the prices of restaurants in Georgia are excellent, and tourists and archaeologists don’t have to pay much to get into the tourist and historical sites.

1: Greece

Greece is one of the top cheap tourist countries in Europe

Greece is a group of islands that make up a country in southeastern Europe, and it’s one of the cheapest tourist places destinations in Europe.

Greece has a Mediterranean climate, which means winters are mild and rainy and summers are hot and sunny. It’s not a good idea to go to Greece in the summer, especially in July and August when the beaches are full of tourists and prices are at their highest.

Travel experts also recommend going to Greece in the fall or spring, when the weather is mild and prices are lower. Many hotels and restaurants close for winter, except on big islands like Athens, the capital.

In Greece, you can see dozens of historical and archaeological sites from the Greek and Roman times. UNESCO says that there are 17 archaeological sites in Greece that are World Heritage Sites.

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