Top 10 Travel Agencies in Alexandria

Since people started going to other countries to work, most young people in Alexandria have been looking for top travel agencies in Egypt. Because people want to work or try something new and see different places, travel agencies came up with the idea of finding people to work abroad.

But at first, they were private offices that were not monitored or controlled by the government. The Ministry of Manpower then started to take over many of these offices to work under a government umbrella. So, many of them are working with the Egyptian government to find people to work for them.

Best travel agencies in Alexandria

If you want to travel for business or other reasons and find the best travel agencies in Alexandria, Egypt, you can find them here. In today’s article, we tell you that you can do this through one of the specialized travel agencies that we offer to help you find work abroad. So, we’ve put together a list of Alexandria’s best travel agencies to help you choose by

10: Alfanar Company

Alfanar Company

It is one of the best places to book travel in Alexandria. It is one of the companies that has been around for a long time and has become well-known.

Also, it allows people to work for big companies in other countries. It has a big, stable headquarters, which has helped it gain a lot of trust from its customers.

Especially since it makes it easy and quick to get government travel documents. They get files from clients and find the best jobs abroad for them.

You can find this company at Smouha Square, Ezbet Saad, Qism Sidi Gaber, Alexandria.

9: Trust International

Trust International

It’s one of the world’s biggest travel agencies and staffing agencies. And it started in 2010 and got a license to hire people from inside and outside the country.

It also has a good name in the travel business. It also talks about many things outside of Egypt. It’s getting a lot of trust from its clients because it offers different kinds of jobs for different types of people.

The office also helps you look for jobs that are a good fit for your skills, So it’s one of the best travel agencies in Alexandria, Egypt.

You can find Trust at Smouha Square, Ezbet Saad, Qism Sidi Gaber, and Alexandria.

8: El Ganna El Khadra Travel Agency

El Ganna El Khadra Travel Agency

It is one of the best places to book travel in Alexandria. And also, it is one of the travel companies that help Egyptians find jobs abroad.

It helps its clients find jobs abroad that are a good fit for their qualifications. Because of this, it quickly won the trust of its customers.

It is also one of the most well-known travel agencies. In addition, a team of experts works to match each person with exemplary work abroad.

You can find El Ganna El Khadra at Gamal Abdel Nasser, Asafra Bahri, Qesm Thani El Montazah, Alexandria.

7: Gulf International Travel Agency

Gulf International Travel Agency

It’s one of the most essential and well-known travel companies in Alexandria. It works with permission from the government and has been one of the largest companies in the Middle East since it began in 1992.

It suggests specializations for its clients that fit each of them based on their profession. Because it has almost 20 years of experience in travel, it has become an expert in the field.

It also has a large and reliable share of the Arab market. And it is one of the most trustworthy and open companies.

So you can find Gulf International at Ezbet Saad, Qism Sidi Gaber, Alexandria.

6: Nairoz Company

Nairoz Company

It is one of the best places to book a trip in Alexandria. It started more than 15 years ago to become a leader in the travel industry.

And it also got a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower. It also works hard in different areas to ensure everyone has the right field.

Also, its clients will finish all the paperwork and visa procedures as soon as possible. All of this happens within the law and is overseen by the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower.

You can find this travel agency at Gamal Abdel Nasser, Sidi Bash Qibli, Second Park Department, Alexandria.

5: Egyptian Saudi Company

Egyptian Saudi Company

In Alexandria, this is one of the biggest travel companies and places where you can work abroad. It gives people who want to travel overseas a set of high-quality services.

It makes things easier for them and helps them get their travel papers. And it also gives them a range of jobs in different fields abroad.

In addition to making it easier to get travel documents quickly, all of these things are done with the help of the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower.

You can find it at Mina Commercial Center, Bab Sharqi Department, Alexandria.

4: Saudi Al -Fayhaa Travel Agency

Saudi Al -Fayhaa Travel Agency

It’s one of the most well-known places in Alexandria for tourists. The Saudi consulate and the Egyptian workforce have given the company their approval.

In addition, it offers its services in an organized and high-class way. It helps you find jobs in the right places abroad.

The company also gives customers specific dates, which it always keeps. Also, they are working to make getting all the official papers easier.

You can find this travel agency Dr. Ibrahim Abdel-Sayed, Labor Al-Water, Department of Bab Sharqi, Alexandria.

3: Egyptian NCC Marine

Egyptian NCC Marine

One of the most important offices for travel and finding work is in Alexandria. It is one of the largest businesses that has been around since 1993.

It did all of this with permission from and under the watch of Egypt’s Ministry of Manpower. And it works to find jobs for people outside Egypt and in the Gulf.

The company is also working to make getting travel documents from the government more accessible. It also offers work contracts in many different fields.

You can find this Egyptian NCC Marine at San Stefano, Qism Awal El Raml, Alexandria.

2: Marino Mar

Marino Mar

It’s one of the biggest companies that helps people travel and find jobs abroad. It is one of the offices in Alexandria whose clients have a lot of faith in it.

It also allows you to find jobs that are right for your field. And it also makes it easy and quick for all government travel procedures to be done.

On their Facebook page, there are always ads for jobs that are open. The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower has given the company a license, which makes it safer.

You can find it at 23 Al-Nasr Street, Alexandria Customs Department.

1: El Faeed travel agency

El Faeed travel agency

One of the biggest companies and job agencies specialized in sending Egyptians abroad to work. It is one of the companies the Egyptian government has helped set up since 2009.

It is done by making it easier for people to use their skills in different fields abroad. And it also gives contracts, makes procedures easier, keeps records of documents, and looks over embassies.

They are one of the best places where the Ministry of Manpower has been licensed. Also, it always posts information about the different jobs on its pages on communication sites.

It’s one of the best travel agencies in Alexandria, Egypt, and you can find it at 58 Al-Issawi Street, Second Park, Sidi Bishr Bahri, Alexandria.

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