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Top 10 Historical Series Of All Time

The best historical series had had a lot of success over the years, from when they were first made to now. Who does not like Historical serials? Especially historical ones are full of adventures, battles, and exciting stories. Some are inspired by imagination, while others are motivated by reading about the lives of a previous inspiration.

One of the most important things about historical series is that they always make people excited to watch them. It can be excitement, drama, adventure, action, romance, or something else. This show makes you go back in time and live with the characters because of the incredible acting and attention. TV shows have shown works based on real stories and results based on fiction. To be led by other people who emphasise the beauty of works and historical novels. Some of them also tell the stories of important people in the past.

Many of us want to watch historical shows, but we don’t know which ones are the best. Here are some of the best series that has had a lot of success and have a good story to tell.

Best historical series

We’ll go through the top ten historical shows that have had a lot of success in the history of international television dramas, according to ListingBest.com.

10: Dirilis: Ertugrul (2014-2019)

Dirilis: Ertugrul

Dirilis: Ertugrul is a Turkish historical series made by Metin Günay and is about a Turkish war. History shows how the Ottoman Empire came to be through the history of Ertugrul Ibn Suleiman Shah. He was a leader of the Muslim Oghuz Turks and the father of Osman I, who was in charge of the Ottoman Empire at the time of its creation. That’s how they tell the story. Since then (2014-2019). It’s A Turkish historical drama series that is very interesting. The show has five seasons. It won in Turkey gave the Golden Butterfly Award to the show that was best on television in 2016.

9: The Tudors (2007-2010)

The Tudors

The Tudors is a TV show about English history directed by Michael Hurst. King Henry VIII and his six wives are the focus of the series, but also things that happen in your head and things that happen in the real world are essential. When the king tried to have a son as a legitimate heir and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, couldn’t have one, he married Anne Boleyn instead. It’s because he couldn’t have a son who would inherit from him since 2007. It was An English historical drama with a unique romance in it. The show has four seasons. In 2007, the show got some attention from the Golden Globes Awards for Best Drama Series.

8: Outlander (2014-2019)


Outlander is a British-American TV show that David Higgs directed. This TV show is based on Diana Gabaldon‘s books of the same name. After World War II ended in 1945, a nurse went to Scotland with her husband. When she touches a group of stones, she faints and wakes up in the middle of a group of British soldiers. As she somehow went back by travel time to 1743. She sets off on a journey to find out what this mystery is. During her trip, she falls in love with the warrior “Jaime Fraser” and gets into trouble. It’s an English and American fantasy drama. The show has five seasons. In 2014, the show won the Critics’ Choice TV Awards and the People’s Choice Award for Best Thriller and Fantasy/Sci-Fi TV Show. It also went for several awards in 2015 and 2016.

7: Spartacus (2010-2013)


Spartacus is a TV show in the United States based on the true story of a historical figure called Spartacus. People who were enslaved and fled the city of Capua were with him when he led a third slave war against the Roman state. The first part of the series, Sand and Blood, is about the Romans and the Greeks. It’s called Sand and Blood because it’s full of exciting events. Since then (2010-2013). It’s is an American historical adventure biographical series. The show has three seasons. It won many awards, including the Saturn Award and the People’s Choice Awards.

6: The Last Kingdom (2015-)

The Last Kingdom

A British historical series called The Last Kingdom by Nick Murphy is one of the best historical dramas on Netflix. The plot revolves around King Alfred, a famous warrior who protected the Anglo-Saxon country from the Vikings after gaining control of neighbouring territories. It’s An excellent show that is worth watching from 2015 to 2019. It’s a great American historical action drama series. The show has four seasons.

5: Vikings (2013-2020)


History series “Vikings” is made by Helen Shaver and Johan Renck. It is a TV show that talks about the pirate Vikings who lived in the north of Scandinavia in 793. Those are the Vikings’ raids by Ragnar Lothbrok on the British and French coasts. This show is about politics, religion, attacks, and battles since 2013. The show is about an Irish-Canadian historical action drama in the past. The show has six seasons. More than 35 awards went to the show, the most important of which was the Emmy Award.

4: The Crown (2016-)

The Crown

‘The crown’ is a TV show about English history directed by Stephen Daldry. In this series, we learn about Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in Britain. We also know about the story of Crown Prince Charles and Diana. Since then (2016). It’s a series about Irish Canadians. The show has four seasons. It won three Golden Globes Awards, including one for best drama show.

3: Peaky Blinders (2013-2022)

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is one of the best historical series on Netflix by Steven Knight. It is called Peaky Blinders. During the First World War, it talks about a family of crooks. For example, some groups want to trade alcohol and weapons for money. It is based on Peaky Blinders but with many fake events. It’s a British historical crime show from 2013 to 2022.  The show won the British Academy TV Awards.

2: Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Game of Thrones

David Benioff wrote Game of Thrones. Events in the show are about the fight between seven families for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, which the House of Westeros holds. The series has a lot of exciting events, politics, battles, and wars in it, and it’s exciting. Since then, 2011-2019 with eight seasons. American historical action and adventure TV show. It won Thirteen awards for the first season. A record was set in 2015 when it won 12 out of 24 Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Drama Series. It made the most Emmy Awards won by a single show in a year.

1: Band of Brothers (2001)

Band of Brothers

It’s a short history show written by Tom Hanks. When it comes to this story, it’s all about a US military unit that does a lot of jumping exercises. It also did a lot of essential things in Europe until Japan surrendered. Since then (2001). It is an American historical drama and action show. The show only has one season, but it is based on the true story of a secret survivor. It’s one of the Best Miniseries and Best Directing in a Miniseries or TV Movie. Best Sound Editing.

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